Kyle Young has been eating pizza the wrong way for 99 days, hoping Elon Musk would reward him for it with a Tesla. It’s not exactly what the internet was invented for, but Young is collecting views no matter.

Actually, Young’s whole account, @foodthewrongway, is dedicated to his mission of eating pizza from the crust initially, uploading movies since March 11. In the three months he has been active, the account has managed to rise from only 7,000 enjoys on his very first movie, to gaining views in the countless each recent clip.

For a little while, it seemed just like Musk had joined in the fun, with a verified account commenting on the movies over the previous week. @elonmuskdad, that had a verified tick on TikTok, was offering to give Young a Tesla when he left it to 420 days.

“Either day 420you getting to 420 lbs, whichever comes first,” wrote the account. The deal was persuasive, with all the real life Musk’s publicly recorded fixation with jokes regarding the number 420.

“I am ready for afternoon 420!!! Next pizza, extra additional cheese,” he wrote in a different remark. The account also claimed to be open to personally meeting Young too:”I shall personally meet with you and provide you the Tesla on day 420! On 4/20/22.”

The account turned out to be fake, regardless of its program verification.

It wasn’t him guys, guess I continue.”

“Damn, I really thought it was him because he was verified:-LRB- Welp, I guess I’ll keep going,” he captioned the video.

Young’s feelings had begun to rise previously, together with him creating his doubts known on June 17, writing:”Pretty certain it is not really Elon, but that is just me.”

Viewers have been closely watching his journey to get Musk’s attention, together with him gaining over 500,000 followers. Young starts all his videos by reacting to their remarks.

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A number of them have been left a little concerned about the TikTok founder’s wellbeing, now that he’s making pizza part of his regular diet. “He’s going to have numerous health issues before he gets that Tesla. My guy be like’welp, I just lost five decades of my life,'” wrote one viewer.

Perhaps Young may have better luck trying to get a Tesla out of fellow renowned supercar giver David Dobrik, seeing as he’s only made his big return to YouTube.