A Taco Bell worker was filmed leaping right into a kitchen sink in his final day of work, at a movie watched almost 19 million occasions around TikTok.

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The clip shows TikTok consumer Steven, that uses the deal @undeaddot, standing on a little stepladder near a massive sink filled to the brim with water and suds, from the kitchen of a Taco Bell restaurant in West Virginia.

Steven jumps into the atmosphere and cannonballs to the sink, then sending water gushing into the ground. He’s totally submerged in the water for a couple seconds till his head bobs up from beneath the froth. The activity is set into the tune”Into The Thick of It” by The Backyardigans, that is now trending on TikTok.

Steven told he was the man in the office that”lightens the mood and also has a fantastic time, while keeping things ” He said the video was filmed during his closing change after three years in Taco Bell.

Steven explained:”Close to the close of the night as we shut, I decided to fill the sink once we were finished with all, and then dive headfirst into the sink from a step stool for a few harmless fun, then leave the location precisely how I did each night, after cleaning up any litter, naturally.

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“Well, since I had been getting up on the stool to’dip in’ I understood my almost 6-foot body was not going to precisely match, so that I was just going to have the ability to jump out of the side. And literally last couple of seconds I understood the best way I could match is to tuck myselflike a cannonball, and only complete send it. And needless to say, that is what occurred.”

The TikTok video has been viewed 18.9 million times and has been liked by 4 million people. The comments under the clip have also amassed hundreds of thousands of likes. One comment that read, “I didn’t realize the sink was that big,” had 240,000 likes. Another stating, “Bro, I’d kill to work with him,” had 242,000 likes.