The previous couple started dating in 2020 yet held on until February of the next year to make their sentiment Instagram-official

Devin Booker has responded to Kendall Jenner’s most recent sunbathing photograph and left fans speculating about their future.

The 26-year-old supermodel shared a slideshow Sunday driving with a sunbathing snap, and extremely observant fans saw the expert b-ball player, 25, “preferred” the virtual entertainment post.

Jenner gave back in kind, “preferring” a photograph that very day of Booker playing baseball.

Numerous outlets announced last Wednesday that the pair had thrown in the towel following two years together.

A source told ET that “Kendall feels like they’re on various ways,”

They “have had conversations about their future yet they are not in total agreement.”

Another source uncovered: “Kendall and Devin come upon a difficult time as of late and have been parted for about a week and a half.”

Kendall began dating Devin in 2020. The couple went on a street outing to Sedona, Arizona sometime thereafter.

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