Deadpool 3 is set to begin production this summer, and fans can’t wait to see who will play the title character. Luckily, the series is under the creative control of Marvel Studios, which means that a Wolverine crossover will surely be in the works. While the X-Men are no longer a franchise, the teamup between Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will likely be a fan favorite.

In the past, Deadpool and Hugh Jackman have exchanged jabs, and this time it will be no different. The actors have maintained their playful feud online for quite some time now. Regardless, it’s clear that the two actors are very close and will be a fantastic pair in the MCU. The actors are both known to be very supportive of one another, and they’ve even been spotted hanging out together during the promotion for Korg.

But there’s one thing that can help the actors’ chances of getting a Deadpool Wolverine crossover. While the director of Deadpool 3 is keen on a Jackman-Ryan Reynolds crossover, he doesn’t want to erase what happened in Logan. He wants to explore other projects after two decades as Wolverine. And he’s hoping to work with his long-time friend and collaborator Ryan Reynolds on Deadpool 3.

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It’s no secret that Ryan Reynolds is very keen on working with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. In the past, the two actors have been in a comical feud since the X-Men Origins movie. The duo have also made many hilarious videos and shorts together. The two stars have long been friends in real life, and they’re not likely to let the feud end anytime soon.

Despite the recent rumors of a Deadpool-Jackman crossover, both actors are committed to pursuing their long-term friendship. As a result, Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have a history of feuding over Wolverine. It’s no wonder that both actors feel that a crossover is inevitable. While the film’s success is a big disappointment for both actors, it has the potential to turn out to be a hit.

A Deadpool-Jackman crossover was first teased by Ryan Reynolds in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The two actors have had several comedic encounters over the years, but they are not on the same page yet. The actor whose name is a rumored candidate for the role in Deadpool 2 is currently trying to get back together with the X-Men franchise. He is urging his fans to start petitions to the studio.

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