Lady Gaga Launches Free Mental Health Education Course. To support the teen population facing a mental health crisis, Lady Gaga is launching a free online course called the Be There Certificate. This course is designed to empower teens with the tools and resources to talk to their loved ones about their feelings and how they can help them. The Be There Certificate is available for those in grades seven through twelve, and you can sign up here. After taking the course, you can apply for a certificate, allowing you to teach others how to be there for someone who needs support.

In July, Sadie Bell and Charles Trepany, authors of Rolling Stone, wrote about the new Lady Gaga course. They also published a series of articles on Lady Gaga’s New York show on September 16, 2017. The articles appeared in Rolling Stone and CNN, and were followed by an accompanying video. Currently, the course is available in Spanish and English. You can learn more about the course’s content at the website linked above.

The emergence of Lady Gaga as an artist has also increased the stigma surrounding mental health and the topic has become a hot topic in the media. Whether you’re a fan of her music or not, she has made a significant impact on the world through her music. She has been a strong advocate for the teen community and has partnered with a number of companies and organizations to make this possible.

The course also offers a certificate that teaches people how to be “There” for others. The course is available in French, Spanish, and English, and can be completed online. The official course website can be accessed at These courses are free and can help young people become more aware of mental health issues and how to support their peers. While Lady Gaga has made her name in the music industry, it is not the only celebrity making waves in the industry.

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The Be There certificate teaches people how to be “There” for others” and how to provide safety and support to others. It is offered in English, Spanish, and French, and can be taken at any time. It can be downloaded on the official website of the Gaga’s Angels Foundation. The course was written by Amy Kaufman and Daniel Hiatt, who are all certified in “Be There.”

As a social media influencer, Lady Gaga has a huge role to play in educating youth. The Born This Way Foundation and her mom, Cynthia Germanotta, have been champions for LGBT rights and mental health. Both have launched a free online course called “Born This Way” which will help young people learn more about the importance of a positive mental health. It is important to note that both the singer and the foundation are co-founders of the Born This Way Foundation.

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