Britney’sLarry Rudolph, the manager, has resigned. Britney’s father Jamie Spears and Jodi Montommery, who were also involved in the conservatory for the artist, received the official resignation via letter.

Larry stated in the letter that he had decided to resign because he knew Britney had expressed her desire to leave the entertainment industry.

Contents of Britney's Manager Resignation Letter

Britney has been accompanied by Larry Rudolph for more than 25 years. He is also well-known for his work In managing the careers of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith as well as Pitbull and Kim Petras. Here is Larry Rudolph’s resignation letter.

“James P. Spears, Jodi Montgomery are Britney Spears’ co-executors:

Britney and me have not spoken in 2.5 years. Britney informed me she was going on an indefinite hiatus. Today I am aware that Britney has officially declared her retirement.

Britney asked me to help her with her career. As her manager, it is in my best interests to retire from her team since my professional services are no more required.

I hereby resign.

Our achievements in the past 25 years will be something I will never forget. Britney my best wishes for health and happiness around the globe. Variety reported that Larry Rudolph said, “I will always be there to him if he requires me back, just as I did during this period,” as Variety reported.

Britney Spears spoke Wednesday, 23/6, about her 13-year-old conservatory. He wanted to get his life back and end the conservatory.

The Baby One More Time singer stated that she felt forced to perform. She was not allowed to have privacy and forced to take contraceptives and certain drugs. She also attended therapy sessions against her will.

Britney stated before a judge that she was forced into taking lithium despite her objections. One of the most common mood disorders treated with lithium is bipolar disorder.

Britney claims that her family, Jamie especially, doesn’t care much about her condition. Britney admitted she was frustrated that she couldn’t manage her job and not only about medical treatment.

“Basically, this conservatory does more damage than good to my health. I have the right to live a full life. Britney Spears: “I’ve worked my entire life.”

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“I feel ganged on, bullied, and abandoned. I am tired of feeling lonely. He said that he had the right to the same rights as others.