Comparative analysis between Apple and Huawei

Apple is a strong company in smartphone manufacturing and software. Apple is the most valuable company in world, having installed an operating system like iOS by itself. It continues to make new devices every day, in addition to all of these. The US-based brand is also one of the most valuable in terms of share value.

Huawei is, however, the most powerful brand among China-based companies. It is at forefront of both smartphones and new technologies. If it wasn’t for US pressure, they would likely be the leaders in 5G. Qualcomm compared the Huawei and Apple companies.

Qualcomm, the world’s largest chip manufacturer, has made an important statement. We can confirm that Huawei has praised the company in line with this statement. Cristiano Amon, the new CEO of Qualcomm, stated that Huawei is at most as strong as Apple.

He continued his statements by saying that the US embargo has prevented them from cooperating for over 2 years. He stated however that they are on the verge of reaching an agreement with Huawei. This brand praised Huawei, expressing their desire to be more involved in China’s market.

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He said that Huawei is just as strong as Apple when it comes to potential customers and opportunities. Despite Qualcomm’s statements, the USA did not lift its embargo. It is not clear how the firm will collaborate with Huawei.