Christine Quinn Is Leaving "Selling Sunset" According to Sources

‘Selling Sunset’ star Christine Quinn quit her role as executive vice president of the Oppenheim Group in May, according to sources. The episode aired at the end of season five, where Emma made explosive claims about Quinn. Quinn left the Oppenheim Group shortly after. She has since launched a crypto-real estate venture with Christian Dumontet.

Christine Quinn’s departure from ‘Selling Sunset coincides with the launch of her own real estate group

It seems that “Selling Sunset’ star Christine Quinn’s exit from the show coincides with the launching of her own real estate group. Quinn’s position on the show has been steadily decreasing since the end of Season 3. She was largely avoided by the rest of the cast, who refuse to engage with her after a series of beef. As a result, she has hardly been seen in the office in recent months.

Despite the fact that she will not be returning to the show for Seasons 6 and 7, Christine Quinn has signed a deal with IMG Models and has already begun booking modeling gigs and fashion events. Her departure from the show comes as a surprise, as Quinn stirred up some drama with her fellow cast members. She was once accused of offering her ex-colleague Emma Hernan $5,000 to quit the show.

She was fired from The Oppenheim Group after Emma’s explosive claims about her in the season 5 finale

Despite rumors to the contrary, ‘Selling Sunset’ actress Christine Quinn is leaving the show. She is reportedly leaving the show due to the alleged sexual harassment she faced during the show’s first season. Earlier this year, Quinn was fired from The Oppenheim Group after being accused of sexual harassment by her co-star Emma Thompson. Nevertheless, the show has been renewed for two more seasons. Christine’s departure has thrown the series into turmoil, with its producers taking a closer look at the upcoming season’s casting.

Despite her claims to be leaving the show, Quinn’s position on the show has been slipping since Season 3. It’s believed that her relationship with co-star Adam DiVello has caused her to decide to quit the show before the final season. This is evident by the fact that the majority of the cast refuses to interact with Quinn, and she hasn’t been seen in the office in recent months.

Despite her popularity, Quinn’s exit from ‘Selling Sunset’ has raised questions about her future. In the past, she has been rumored to leave the Oppenheim Group in an effort to make her own way as a star. But the rumor mill had it that the notorious agent had departed the Oppenheim Group and was headed for an unknown destination.

She has launched her own real estate group

The Selling Sunset star is setting out to launch her own real estate group. The show follows her team of realtors, the Oppenheim Group, as they try to sell luxury homes in California. While Quinn has drawn criticism for her ego and over-the-top personality, she has made the move to build a real estate empire of her own. Sources claim that the actress plans to use her newfound fame to launch her own real estate firm.

She told Jason Oppenheim about her plans, but he didn’t listen. The messy entanglements may have been a contributing factor to Christine’s departure from the Oppenheim Group. She may still work in crypto real estate after returning from maternity leave. In the meantime, her new business might continue to work with Selling Sunset. And, if she doesn’t succeed, she’ll probably be back on Selling Sunset.

She is also reportedly working with her husband, who is a successful entrepreneur. Their company, Foodler, was recently sold to GrubHub for $51 million. Both were involved in crypto at an early age and even offered it as a payment option on the company. But Dumontet says he was interested in cryptocurrencies in 2013 because of his technical curiosity.