Chloe Madeley Loves Her Pregnancy Body - And Her Bloating Isn't So Bad!

The pregnant model, who has been very open about her struggle to conceive with her husband James, has admitted that she’s enjoyed the changes her body has undergone during her pregnancy. The couple is expecting a baby girl in the summer, and she recently revealed they considered adoption and IVF in the past. However, despite these challenges, she loves her body – and her bloating isn’t so bad!

Chloe Madeley’s love for her body during pregnancy

After announcing her pregnancy, Chloe Madeley showed off her growing baby bump on Instagram. She paired a plunging white dress with a blue striped top and swept her fringe in the center part of her hair to frame her face. The actress wore minimal makeup to show off her glowing skin. She also wore drop earrings and a pendant necklace.

The new mother-to-be was pregnant with her first child, and her body changed significantly while she was carrying the baby. In a February post on Instagram, Chloe said she was terrified when she couldn’t conceive with James. Chloe has also opened up about her thoughts on adoption before becoming pregnant. In addition to being a TV presenter, Madeley also hosts a fitness show.

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Chloe Madeley’s struggle with the third trimester

It’s no secret that Chloe Madeley is pregnant with her first child. The fashion designer recently revealed on Instagram that she has reached her third trimester. In addition to wearing a navy two-piece with white spots, Chloe hid her face behind dark shades and kept herself well-hydrated. In addition to the navy two-piece, she sported a white scrunchie around her wrist and left her blonde tresses unbrushed.

She also admitted that her body is not quite ready for the third trimester, and she often faints while traveling. To combat the problem, Madeley has made sure to travel with a baby monitor and a friend. She also says she finds the feeling of being alone in public overwhelming. During her first pregnancy, Chloe made sure to wear a lot of make-up to make her look as flawless as possible, but the reality is that her body is not quite ready for it.

Chloe Madeley’s bloating

Chloe Madeley has always been open about her body struggles, and her 2016 photo of her bloated stomach was no exception. Her fans were quick to give her positive feedback, praising her for finally finding a solution. The fitness model has been plagued by bouts of bloating throughout her life and has finally found an answer. While it’s unclear what Chloe’s solution is, she has a new probiotic supplement that she credits with alleviating her stomach’s discomfort.

In addition to her dietary supplements, Madeley takes a supplement called Ubiquinol each morning. She also takes a protein supplement, a multivitamin, and Omega 3 fatty acids. The actress, 29, didn’t go to the gym as a child and used to skip PE in high school. A gym membership isn’t something she enjoyed as a child, and one of her ex-boyfriends hooked her on it. Since then, she’s been working out four days a week.
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Chloe Madeley’s bloating during the third trimester

It has been reported that Chloe Madeley fainted on public transport during her third trimester of pregnancy. The former Richard and Judy star, who is expecting her first child with husband James Haskell, recently opened up about her experience. She was photographed in a sideways pose on a train to flaunt her baby bump. Thankfully, her due date has now been moved up to August 7.

As for Chloe Madeley, she’s been a model and a TV presenter for years, but it is only recently that she revealed the news about her upcoming pregnancy. Although the British model hasn’t been posting much of her pregnancy journey, the fact that she’s expecting a baby boy makes us want to know more about this beautiful couple’s experiences with pregnancy.