Chicago saw a significant jump in homicides in August compared to the same time frame last year, highlighting the “difficult days” the police department faced in a month that saw one of their own violently killed.

According to Chicago Police Department, there were 78 murders in Chicago last month. This is 22% more than August 2020.

The department reported that murders in the city have increased by 3% compared to last.

Police Superintendent David Brown stated that “we deeply understand the importance it is for our residents feel safe within our neighbourhoods across the city.”

The worrying figures came weeks after Chicago police officer Ella French was gunned down during a traffic stop. Carlos Yanez Jr. is currently recovering from injuries and she was shot in her head.

In connection with the murder, two brothers were charged. Eric Morgan, 22 years old, is being charged with aggravated illegal use of weapon, unlawful weapon use by a felon and obstruction of justice. Police said that a third officer shot Eric Morgan as he fled the scene.

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Monty Morgan, 21 years old, is being charged with first-degree killing of a peace officers, attempted murder of two more officers, unlawful weapon use, and aggravated unlawful weapon use.

Brown stated that the department was “retooling” its crime fighting strategies in order to combat the increase in violence.

Despite an increase in murders, August saw the city experience 20-year records in burglaries and other robberies. Police also reported that eight districts saw 20-year records in car thefts.