The pop star, who has been missing from social media sites since 16 March, has reactivated her Instagram page, two days after quitting. She tweeted to fans that she was “back soon!” and posted a video of her pregnant stomach. The caption read: ‘Mommy, get me out of here!’ Fans are delighted with the news, but it remains unclear whether Spears is pregnant or not.

Earlier this week, Spears deactivated her Instagram account, and has since returned to the platform. She had reportedly taken a break from the service but it seems that the timing didn’t work out. While the star is currently fighting to end her conservatorship, she has also been actively posting updates on her other social media pages. Her Instagram presence has recently decreased as well, with just a few posts in the last couple of weeks.

After deleting her Instagram account, the singer has announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari. Jamie Spears has filed a petition to end the conservatorship duties for her, which ended last fall. However, she has not deleted any other social media accounts. She hasn’t posted anything since then. So it’s unclear if she will ever come back. But fans should be encouraged by her return to the platform.

Following the publication of Things I Should Have Said, Britney Spears has returned to Instagram two days after quitting. While she has not revealed what she did to cause her deactivation, she has reportedly been actively communicating with fans in private. She has shared some pictures of her nude body, and even revealed her belly button ring. It seems she is referencing her freedom when her 13-year conservatorship ends in 2021.

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The singer’s return to the social media website has sparked speculation about what caused her to deactivate her account. Her Instagram posts often contain images of her engagement ring with fiance Sam Asghari, which has become an instant hit with fans. Despite the controversy surrounding the ring, Spears’ return to Instagram is a welcome surprise for fans. The star had not been active on the social networking website for a few days before she unfollowed her account.

After a week-long absence from her Instagram page, Spears has returned to the social media platform. Her Instagram page has been shut down by her conservatorship, but fans have a few questions. Regardless of her reasons for deleting her account, she is still using it to connect with her fans. As a result, Spears has a new page dedicated to her fanbase on social media.

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