Jodi Montgomery, who supports Jamie Spears’ removal as estate conservator, said Britney’s father being estate conservator was “not in Britney’s best interests.”

Britney Spears’ personal conservator Jodi Montgomery says she and the singer’s doctors are standing by the pop star’s request to remove her father as conservator of her estate.

Montgomery, who filed a court document on Thursday, supported the replacement of Jamie Spears (69) as co-conservator Britney’s estate. Montgomery stated that her medical team supports the move.

The filing stated that Jamie should cease to be the Conservatee’s Conservator of Estate. He is acting against the Conservatee’s best interests. Petitioner joins Conservatee in the Removal Petition because the Conservatorship’s primary concern is to serve the Conservatee’s best interests.

“Ms. Montgomery respectfully notifies Mr. Spears’s medical staff that it is not in his best interests for him to be and stay Conservator of this Estate,” the filing stated elsewhere.

Montgomery described Rubin, the replacement nominated, as “eminently qualified”, for the role.

“Ms. Montgomery believes that Ms. Spears is in her best interests by granting the Removal Petition, removing Mr. Spears, and replacing him with Mr. Rubin for Conservator of Estate,” the filing continued.

Montgomery’s court filing comes just several days after Britney, 39, through her lawyer Mathew Rosengart, filed a petition to officially remove her father as estate conservator and replace him with Rubin.

“Ms. Spears respectfully submitted that the Court should appoint a nominee; in that case, it is an objectively intelligence preference to nominate someone highly qualified, professional fiduciary under this circumstance,” said the documents. “Ms. Spears respectfully submitted that, due to the Court’s July 14, 2021 hearing, Ms. Spears is able to select her own legal counsel, it also means that she has the capacity to make this nomination.

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According to Rubin’s employer’s website Rubin has been a forensic accountant since 1993. He has also testified in hundreds of cases as an expert witness.

In 2019, Jamie stepped down as the conservator of her person after an alleged physical altercation with Britney and ex-husband Kevin Federline’s son Sean Preston, 15. (The ex-husbands are also parents of Jayden James, 14.