Bindi Irwin smiles with Baby Grace Warrior (3 Months) in Cute New Photo: "Happy Little Light"

Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin are happy to be parents to their baby girl!

Powell shared new photographs of Grace Warrior with Irwin on Wednesday as they enjoyed breakfast together.

Powell, 24 and Irwin 22, hold their baby girl while they sit at their kitchen tables.

Grace is seen in the third photo, wearing a pair of adorable koala pajamas with a light pink beanie and Grace’s cute koala pajamas.

Powell wrote, “Smiles over breakfast in this happy little light.”

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Bindi is currently on a short social media hiatus. Powell, however, has shared many adorable moments with their first baby. This includes a cute video in which Irwin sings the 50 states names to Grace. Grace giggles as Powell dances with her baby’s hands.

Bindi Irwin smiles with Baby Grace Warrior (3 Months) in Cute New Photo: "Happy Little Light"

“Sound on!” P.S. Grace Warrior, our little Grace Warrior, learning more about her father’s country from her beautiful mama Bindi wanted to shout out to New Hampshire! Grace’s laughter was too cute to not remember every state! The caption was written by Powell, who was born in Florida. He married the Australian wildlife conservationist in February 2020.

Powell also captured the sweet moment Grace met some baby Kangaroos at their Zoo.

“Introducing our @australiazoo Kangaroo Joey to our human Joey Grace absolutely loved meeting all the littlest Roos with her mama,” the proud father wrote along with the photo.

Grace appears to be focused only on one kangaroo in the adorable shot. She was right up there with the pair. Irwin smiled proudly as she embraced her baby girl while watching the meeting.

The proud parents shared another family photo last month to celebrate the opening a special bird exhibit for their daughter.

The photo was taken outside Grace’s Bird Garden. In it, the mother of one holds her child in her arms, while her brother Robert Irwin and her mom Terri Irwin surround her.

One week after Irwin posted on Instagram that she would be taking a hiatus from social media in order to spend more time with her family, the exhibit was opened.

Recently, the new mom spoke out about her excitement at focusing on the “extraordinary” relationship she has with her baby.

She told PEOPLE that it was like she had been there since the day she arrived. It’s quite a strange feeling to not be able to remember your life before this little one. This is the first time I have ever experienced love this way.