Bear shot dead Following Assaulting four Individuals in a residential Place in Japan

A brown bear was shot dead in northern Japan after ripping through a residential area on Friday and injuring several individuals, based on Japanese public broadcaster NHK.

A resident at the city of Sapporo, that is supposed to host the Olympic Marathon and Olympic Race Walking events in the summer’s Tokyo Games, first reported a keep on a street in the wee hours of the afternoon.

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Shortly after, Hokkaido police realised that they were on the watch for the bear, composing that lots of others had reported seeing the bear because the sighting and that individuals were hurt.

“If you see a bear, please be careful, escape instantly and telephone 110,” Hokkaido authorities tweeted.

News footage from neighborhood channel HTB Hokkaido News revealed the bear running across a residential road, crossing a busy street, and pawing at the gates of a Japan Self Defense Force army barracks, before running off.

Local authorities said the bear attacked three guys, among whom was severely injured, along with a girl in her 80s, based on NHK.

At approximately 11 a.m., the bear has been taken down by two guys in the local hunting association nearby Sapporo Okadama airport, NHK reported.