Multiple reports have indicated that New South Wales, Australia has seen the largest daily increase in COVID-19 infection rates in 2021.

On Saturday, the state reported 35 new cases. 29 of these cases were similar to confirmed cases.

According to Reuters, there were 31 new cases of infection in Australia on Friday. More than 250 infections have been reported since the outbreak.

The state is reporting that the delta variant, which was first identified in India, has reached the country.

On Saturday, it was reported that Sydney, New South Wales, the state capital, has been the hardest hit by the outbreak. New South Wales had reported 5,737 cases as of January 25. As of February 22, it had administered more than 2.3 million doses coronavirus vaccine.

Sydney is currently under a lockdown for two weeks. However, lockdowns were lifted in other parts of Australia Friday night. This includes Western Australia, Northern Territory, and certain areas of Queensland.

Gladys Berejiklian was the Premier of New South Wales and said Saturday that the lockdown was being “vastly respected,” according the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She advised that “staying home is the best option.”

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According to Johns Hopkins University data, Australia has reported a total of 30,734 cases and 910 deaths since the pandemic started. Only 1.7 million people, 6.81 percent, have been fully vaccinated.