The top US general in Afghanistan ventured down on Monday as the United States’ tactical withdrawal from the nation approaches consummation.

Gen. Austin Scott Miller moved his order specialists to Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, the head of US Central Command, in a function in Kabul on Monday.

The change of order specialists is a critical achievement in the US’ military withdrawal from Afghanistan. It comes days after President Joe Biden said that the full drawdown of powers would be finished before the finish of August and as the Pentagon recognized that the Taliban are determined to utilizing power to assume control over the country.

Mill operator, who was the longest-serving US leader all through America’s almost twenty years of military contribution in Afghanistan, has over and over voiced worry about the speed of the Taliban’s regional additions and the potential for common conflict in the country once the US military mission is finished.

As he gave off authority obligations, Miller noticed the heightening savagery driven by Taliban assaults and accentuated that it won’t assist with setting up a political concurrence with the Afghan government.

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“I’m one of the US military officers who’s had the opportunity to speak with the Taliban,” Miller said. “And I’ve told them … it’s important that the military sides set the conditions for a peaceful and political settlement in Afghanistan. We can all see the violence that’s taking place across the country. But we know that with that violence, what is very difficult to achieve is a political settlement.”

In Washington on Monday, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby was asked if the department thinks the Taliban want to take over the country.

“It is clear from what they are doing that they have governance designs, certainly of a national scale. It is clear from what they are doing that they believe there is a military solution to the end of this conflict,” Kirby said.