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There are great musicians everywhere. While some have succeeded, others are still making progress. TerraTara is a vocalist and guitarist who is becoming well-known for her original compositions.

About the Artist TerraTara

TerraTara is an American-Canadian singer-songwriter. She travels between Slocan, British Columbia (Canada) and Southern Oregon. Her music has been influenced by her time spent in British Columbia near mountains, lakes, and other natural features. She performs Reggae, Americana, Folk, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European music. She is a skilled vocalist, percussionist, guitar, and mandolin player.

Previous work of the artist

TerraTara made her stage debut as a guitarist and songwriter at the turn of the millennium. She started touring and changed from the guitar to the mandolin because it was simpler to carry when performing on the streets. While traveling, she picked up sounds from Ireland, India, and the Middle East, she incorporates these aspects into her songs today. TerraTara is back to writing and performing music after a long absence. She intends to release her singer/songwriter material both old and new, over the coming years.

TerraTara published Mahzu in 2010. The album features guitar, mandolin, accordion, didgeridoo, dumbek, bass, and drum. It is a mix of original and traditional music. “Kootenay Kombu” has a native and foreign sound and grooves in unknown places. It is both traditional and contemporary, eastern and western. It’s wild and earthy. Before hypnotizing you with eerie female murmurs, “L’ha Do Di” suspends you. With its genuine voice, “Esperare Por Este” has a gypsy character. To satisfy your shadow side, listen to this original music.


After a long absence from playing music, she returned in 2020, releasing “Ain’t Gonna Let Them.” In this song, she expresses a strong message while displaying her rebellious side. She naturally differs from other performers, and her songs continue to impact culture. TerraTara’s song “Ain’t Gonna Let Them” encourages listeners to stand apart and be authentic. Fantastic and inspiring video.

Latest Released of the TerraTara ‘ Empty Apartment’

Empty Apartment Cover Picture in HD Terra Tara

About song

TerraTara presented the world with her most current single, titled “Empty Apartment,” on November 18, 2022. It was recorded in 1999 by Kyra Soko in Argenta, British Columbia, Canada. Because she lacked the financial resources to do so at the time, she has decided to release it now. In addition, there were no social media or streaming services at that period.

Description of Song lyrics

This song is about being all alone, losing your home and having to go out on the road. Being left with nothing and feeling empty. It talks of traveling with a guitar and being broke, and busking on the street for change, while meeting new lovers on the road and no matter where you go, they are all the same.

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