Arizona man charged with vandalizing a synagogue

In the case of vandalism to a Tucson synagogue, a suspect was arrested.

According to Tucson police, Nathan beaver was charged with aggravated criminal damages and booked into Pima County jail. He is accused of spray painting a swastika as well as an antisemitic slur at the door to ‘Chabad-on-river synagogue’.

Arizona man charged with vandalizing a synagogue

Mayor Regina Romero of Tucson and Chief Chris Magnus both said they are relieved that the suspect was arrested. Mayor Romero said, “I am aware that this incident was very troubling for our entire community.” “I appreciate the dedication of our detectives and officers at the police department to find and arrest the suspect.”

She continues, “Chief Magnus replied to the arrest by stating, “We’ve always expressed our disapproval for hate crimes or targeting places of worship.” This arrest confirms this commitment.”


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