Brazilian hotshot Anitta is introducing at this evening’s 2022 Billboard Awards, and the artist tried to bring her design A-game. Without a doubt, a stylish outfit is dependably not all bad for a major superstar entertainment expo, however Anitta put her own wind on the night staple this evening. She wore a gleaming dress from the most sweltering coordinated effort in design right now. Versace and Fendi had a child, and she wore it on honorary pathway.

Whenever Fendace — as the shameless line is known — first appeared back in September, obviously the two celebrated design houses would match well together. They share an adoration for intense prints, sequins aplenty, and a solid Y2K bowed. Anitta picked the end search for the Billboards: A pink chainmail floor-length outfit, not-really watchfully stepped with the goliath Fendace logo. She embellished it with unpretentious blue heels and classy adornments, allowing the plan to sparkle (in a real sense) all alone — which is not difficult to do while you’re shaking one of the most sought after bits of the time. If you have any desire to claim it, this is your lucky day! The gown is accessible on Versace‘s site at this moment, for a cool $38,975.

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