Florence “SeeSee” Rigney (96), a former nurse in Tacoma Wash., is now enjoying retirement after almost 75 years of service at MultiCare Tacoma General.

Rigner, who stated on her 92nd Birthday that she would leave nursing one day, said that she was the oldest RN in the industry.

She said, “I don’t know what inspired me to become a nurse. But it was something I have always wanted to do.”

Rigney tried to retire at 65 when she was a senior citizen, but she returned six months later. She began her career when penicillin was all the rage in the medical world. One of the most significant changes in nursing she has seen over the last several decades is the shorter time that patients spend in hospital after a surgery.

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Rigney stated that her advice for new nurses was to not be a “know-it-all”.

She said, “I kinda did that when I was in an operating room. And you have to always remain open.” “You can never stop learning.”