Amazon's latest Apple TV HD drops below $130

While the Apple TV 4K tends to get all of the attention, the standard Apple TV remains a solid option if you want a set-top box that plays nicely with the rest of your iPhone, iPad and other devices. It’ll normally set you back $150, but Amazon is having a sale right now that knocks $20 off the Apple TV HD, bringing it down to $130. This is the lowest price we have seen since the streamer was released a few months back. It also includes the updated Siri remote, which has been our favorite feature about Apple TV HD.

The Apple TV still looks the same, despite recent updates. The Apple TV is still a small black box that can stream 1080p video from many sources, including Apple TV+. Netflix and Disney+ are also available. It is powered by Apple’s A8 processor and has 32GB of storage. The back edge contains a power port and one USB-C port. There are also two HDMI connectors and one Ethernet port. This box is a basic set-top box with good specs, but it also has Apple-ecosystem options that make it stand out. You can listen to private audio using AirPods and it supports AirPlay and HomeKit-enabled view of camera feeds.

This year’s update brought the Apple TV HD the latest Siri remote. This is huge because the old Siri remote was difficult to use and Apple has now fixed many of its major issues. The new remote is bigger and features a redesigned directional pad, making it easier to control the set-top box. Touch-sensitive technology makes scrolling through content easier. The remote also has a power button that allows you to turn on or off your TV.

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Although a new Siri remote is not enough to justify buying an entirely new streaming device, it does make the deal more attractive on the Apple TV HD. If you can live without 4K HDR streaming and want a cheaper way to get tvOS onto your tube, this sale on the standard Apple TV is one to consider.