Alicia Keys sings at a girls' school in Al-Ulla, amongst message and a festivity of her attending in Saudi Arabia


Dubai, United Arab Emirates -American singer Alicia Keys flashed a state of communication, after a video was dispersed of her while she was singing in a school in Al-Ula Governorate in Saudi Arabia.


The Priest of Philosophy and Governor of the Regal Command for Al-Ula Governorate, Prince Badr bin Farhan, posted a video clip on his Instagram account, presentation the American singer singing at a girls’ school in Al-Ula, rendering to his remark.


Alicia Keys was live the piano while enclosed by a collection of school girls, though she seemed singing her song “Fallin”.


Other videos were communal for an instant on Twitter, as Alicia Keys celebrated the attendance of Alicia Keys in Saudi Arabia.


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