Alibaba fires employees for leaked sexual assault allegations

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd fired 10 employees after a female colleague made sexual assault allegations against a former boss, Daily Reuters reported Monday, citing people who were familiar with the matter.

Daily Reuters reported that the company fired 10 employees after sharing screenshots of the post by the women in the public domain. The watermarks bearing their IDs were removed, citing an internal announcement last week.Alibaba fires employees for leaked sexual assault allegations


Employees were fired because they violated policies that prohibited employees from exposing employee content to forums.

According to the report, three other employees were also reprimanded after making inappropriate comments in public forums.

In early August, a Female Employee posted an 11-page account to Alibaba’s website claiming that her manager and client had sexually assaulted and threatened her. She also claimed that her superiors had not responded in five days.

Alibaba fired the accused manager of sexual assault but was attacked by the state media for failing to act until the accuser’s story became public.

Daily Reuters reported that the e-commerce company decided to fire the 10 employees after completing an internal investigation. It has not yet released the final results of the probe to the public.