After she tweets her support, Bill Cosby supports Phylicia Rashad

After Phylicia Rashad, a disgraced comedian tweeted her support for him after his release earlier this week.

Cosby stated that “mainstream media are the Insurrectionists who stormed Capitol,” through a spokesperson in, in a statement to CNN on Sunday. “Those Media Insurrectionists also want to destroy the Constitution of these United States [sic] of America today.”

Cosby concluded his statement by saying that “NO TECHNICALITY –IT’S a violation of ONE’s RIGHTS & WE THE PEOPLE STAND INDEPENDENTLY FOR MS. PHYLICIA RAMAD.”

After Rashad was criticized for cheering on Cosby who was released on Wednesday by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. He claimed that a prior deal he had with a prosecutor should have prevented him from being convicted of sexual assault.Bill Cosby backs Phylicia Rashad after she apologizes for tweeting her support

“FINALLY!!!! Rashad posted a photo of Cosby alongside the tweet, “FINALLY!!!! Later, she deleted the tweet and posted another one expressing her support for victims of sexual assault. Rashad, who recently assumed the role of Howard University’s dean for fine arts, also sent an apology email to parents and students on Friday.

“My comments were not directed at survivors of sexual assault. She wrote that she strongly opposed sexual violence and found no excuse. Howard University also has a zero-tolerance policy towards interpersonal violence.

Howard University stated in a statement, that Rashad’s initial tweet did not show sensitivity to survivors of sexual assault.

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