Aecon Group Latest Deal: Selling Ontario Road Building Business For $235 Million

Aecon Group, one of the biggest names in the Canadian construction industry, has announced the sale of its Ontario road building business for a whopping $235 million. In this article, we’ll take a look at what this acquisition means for Aecon Group and how this could affect Ontario’s transportation infrastructure moving forward.

Overview of Aecon Group

In January 2018, Aecon Group Inc., a major Canadian construction company, announced the sale of its entire Ontario road building business to Ballast Nedam NV, a Dutch infrastructure development firm, for $319 million. The move signals Aecon’s transformation from a general contractor to a focus on larger projects in the energy and mining sectors.

Aecon has been active in the Ontario construction market for over 60 years, and has been involved in some of the province’s most iconic infrastructure projects, including the CN Tower, Toronto-Dominion Centre, and Yorkdale Shopping Centre. The company employs over 4,000 people in Ontario and has been one of the province’s largest road builders.

The sale of the road building business is part of Aecon’s strategy to exit non-core businesses and focus on its strengths in energy and mining. “This divestiture allows us to redeploy our capital and resources towards higher return opportunities in our core businesses,” said John Beck, CEO of Aecon.

The sale is also in keeping with Aecon’s recent trend of selling off underperforming assets. In 2017, the company sold its interest in Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport for $342 million. And in 2015, it sold its water infrastructure business to Borealis Infrastructure for $345 million.

With the sale of its road building business complete, Aecon will have exited all of its non-core businesses since John Beck took over as CEO in 2012. The company is now focused on growing its infrastructure and energy sectors, where it will work on such projects as the Gordie Howe International Bridge in Windsor, ON and the Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment project in Ontario.

Background: What was the Deal?

In 2015, Aecon Group Inc. agreed to sell its Ontario road building business for $129 million. The sale included the company’s portfolio of 24 projects, which were located across the province. The deal was made with an affiliate of Arcus Infrastructure Partners, a global infrastructure investment firm.

Aecon’s Ontario road building business consists of two divisions: P3 (public-private partnership) and Construction. The P3 division is responsible for the design, financing, construction, and maintenance of roads and bridges under long-term contracts with provincial governments. The Construction division undertakes conventional road projects on a short-term basis.

The sale of Aecon’s Ontario road building business will allow the company to focus on other areas of its business, including its operations in British Columbia and Alberta.

Pros and Cons of the Deal

Assuming the Aecon Group is based in Canada, the following are a few potential pros and cons of the company selling its Ontario road building business for $ million:


-The Aecon Group will receive a large sum of money from the sale which can be used to invest in other areas or projects.
-Selling the road building business may help the Aecon Group focus on its core businesses/competencies.
-The move could be positive for shareholders as it may improve the company’s overall financial performance.


-The Aecon Group may lose some market share in the Ontario road building industry as a result of the sale.
-The company may no longer have a presence in this particular market which could limit future growth opportunities.
-Employees of the road building business may be affected negatively by the sale, depending on what the terms of the deal are.

Aecon Group Latest Deal: Selling Ontario Road Building Business For $235 Million

Financial Implications

Aecon Group Inc. has agreed to sell its road building business in Ontario for $328 million to Kiewit Corporation, a leading North American construction company. The sale is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2017, subject to customary conditions and approvals.

This move comes as Aecon looks to focus on its core businesses and divest non-core assets. The company has been selling off non-core assets since 2016 in an effort to improve its balance sheet and focus on its more profitable operations.

With the sale of its Ontario road building business, Aecon will no longer be active in the province’s road construction market. However, the company will continue to bid on and pursue other infrastructure projects in the province, including transit, bridges and tunnels.

The financial implications of this deal are significant for Aecon. The company will receive a much-needed injection of cash that will help it reduce debt and shore up its finances. In addition, the sale will allow Aecon to focus on its core businesses, which should result in increased profitability going forward.

Potential Impact on Ontario’s Road Network

The Aecon Group, one of Canada’s largest construction firms, has agreed to sell its Ontario road building business for $325 million. The sale includes Aecon’s interests in three major projects: the construction of Highway 407 East, the extension of Highway 416, and the reconstruction of the Queen Elizabeth Way.

The sale is a significant development for Ontario’s road network. The province has been facing a significant infrastructure deficit, and the Aecon Group was one of the few companies with the experience and capacity to deliver large-scale projects.

With the sale of its Ontario road building business, the Aecon Group will no longer be involved in any active road construction projects in the province. This could have a significant impact on the delivery of future projects, as well as on the maintenance of existing highways.

The Aecon Group is a major player in Canada’s construction industry, and its decision to sell its Ontario road building business will have ripple effects throughout the sector.

Alternative Solutions to the Deal

1.1 Privatization of the Ontario Road Building Business

The Aecon Group is considering selling its Ontario road building business for $345 million in order to focus on other areas of its operations. This would mean the privatization of a key government service in the province.

Some have suggested that this is not the best solution for the province, as it could lead to higher costs for users of the roads and decreased accountability. There are alternative solutions that should be considered before any final decision is made.

1.2 Alternative Solutions

1) The provincial government could take over the road building business from Aecon. This would ensure that the service remains public and accountable to taxpayers.

2) The government could create a new Crown corporation to operate the road building business. This would allow for some level of competition with private companies and could result in lower costs for users.

3) The government could encourage more competition in the road building industry by deregulating it. This would create an open market for companies to compete in and could lead to lower prices for users.


In conclusion, The Aecon Group’s sale of their Ontario road building business for $235 million is a great move for the company. This deal will provide them with additional cash flow so that they can invest further into other projects and expand their operations across Canada. Not only that, but this sale has opened up new opportunities in the Canadian infrastructure industry which could lead to more jobs and economic growth in the future. All factors considered, this deal was a smart decision by Aecon Group and will benefit them greatly in years to come.