In-game billboards aren’t the only new ad formats that are popping up on Xbox games. Animated videos set against futuristic backgrounds or surreal landscapes also appeal to gamers’ deep emotional connections. Native in-game ads are among the most innovative examples of in-game advertising. Advertisers should consider the desires of players who wish to have a non-intrusive gaming experience when developing these new formats.

Animated videos depict a surrealistic background

Animated videos are used to attract and retain a wide audience. They are easy to grasp and share across multiple platforms. Whether the audience is a teenager or an older adult, they can relate to the storyline of an animated video. Animated videos also help brands stand out in the market because they can portray a uniqueness in their products and services. Moreover, the videos can be shared to reach a wide audience, which in turn, can lead to a greater business growth.

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Animated videos are a powerful way to communicate messages about gaming brands. This kind of media has an added benefit of engaging viewers by creating an impression of a surrealistic background. These videos are easy to share, go viral, and stick in the mind of a large audience. Unlike traditional advertisements, animated videos also require less resources than those made by live actors. They also increase brand awareness, sales, and conversions. And they have a higher engagement rate compared to live-action videos.

Native in-game ads are the most innovative in-game advertising formats

While many in-game advertisements are annoying banners, a native ad is the most effective way to convert potential consumers into actual buyers. Native ads provide many advantages, including the ability to target new audiences, brand awareness, and repeat interactions. Ultimately, these formats can lead to a significant increase in conversion rates. But what are the challenges of using in-game native ads? Here are three important things to keep in mind.

Native in-game ads are the most effective in-game advertising formats, as they are woven right into the video game’s environment. The user-friendly format is more engaging and memorable than other types of ads. Unlike banner ads, native in-game ads can be displayed anywhere within the game. Because gamers typically don’t like forced pauses, native ads can create a positive ad experience. Native ads also allow publishers to track the reach of their ads and the amount of time they appear on screen.