Redmond wants to make widgets a core feature of Windows 11, so they’ve added a variety of built-in options for the app, while leaving the door open to developer customization. A new widget, Game Pass, debuts with build 25174 and lets you see the latest titles available from the gaming service as well as ones that will be leaving soon. This is great news for gamers, but what will it mean for the rest of us?

YT Game Bar Overlay

You can get this application from the Microsoft store. The video game enthusiast will enjoy the YouTube Game Bar Overlay. It allows you to watch videos without leaving your game. You can even play music from Spotify without switching applications. Then, you can connect with friends on the same platform. The Widget Store has additional game bar widgets, and you can choose any one you want.

PC Game Pass

Microsoft is testing a new PC Game Pass window in the Windows 11 preview, and it’s meant to give the gaming subscription service a visual boost. It’ll show you the most recent additions to your library, as well as those that are soon to leave. It’ll also highlight categories for new releases. Once you click on a game’s name, a shortcut will take you to the Xbox app, where you can install it and read reviews.

Game Bar Calculator

The Xbox Game Bar is a great addition to the new Windows operating system, but it can do more than just add useful game-related information. You can also get cheat codes, tips, and other helpful tidbits right from the Game Bar itself. It can also be pinned to the top of any other window, which makes it convenient to use while playing games. The Game Bar calculator also has an optional browser that lets you view game guide pages without leaving the game.

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Snap Layouts

The new Windows Snap Layouts feature lets you resize, move, and rotate windows in a way that suits your preferences. To move windows in a snap, simply click or drag the window’s title bar and drag it to the left or right side of the display. In either case, the window will take up half of the screen, or even a quarter of it, depending on the size of the window. If you have a large area of your desktop unoccupied, Snap Flyout will appear to fill the space. You can close it or continue to work in your desktop as usual.

Dynamic Refresh Rate

You can enable the screen refresh rate widget in your Android device’s settings to keep track of the refresh rate of all your games and apps. This widget will appear in the upper left corner of your screen. There is no need for you to install third-party apps in order to view this information. If you don’t want to see this information, you can disable it from the Developer Options menu. You can also disable the widget if you want to play games at a slower refresh rate.

App restore from another device

The Xbox Game Pass for PC widget will give Windows 11 users a window into the world of gaming. The new widget will show you which games are currently available, and which titles are leaving your Game Pass subscription soon. Clicking on the widget will take you to the Xbox app for PC, where you can install the games, read reviews, and play them. Microsoft is focused on providing quality to Windows users, so this update will make the OS a bit less resource-hungry.