A recent earthquake has struck Los Angeles and the 60million mansion that Adele bought is now in danger of a landslide. The property is located within an ‘active fault near-source zone’ and is therefore considered a high earthquake risk. The singer’s home features a two-bedroom guest house, a gym, steam room, art studio, theatre and a library.

Other notable people who have recently moved into the gated community include Denzel Washington, Magic Johnson and Justin Bieber. The earthquake has forced Adele to cancel her Las Vegas residency and released a heartfelt video announcing her decision. Those affected by the quake are already taking precautions. The singer has also installed a gas shutoff valve to protect her home.

The California Geological Survey says the house, which sits on a hill, is in an “active fault,” which can generate seven earthquakes a year. The quake could cause a landslide, which would cause the property to collapse. The owner installed a seismic shutoff valve to prevent gas and electricity from leaking into the building. This house was recently sold to denzel Washington, Magic Johnson and Justin Bieber.

In other news, Adele’s LA house was declared at high risk for earthquakes, and she and her bandmates have been moving out. This was followed by the cancellation of her Las Vegas residency due to pandemic issues. However, the pop star released a tearful video to announce the cancellation. The quake has already been recorded, but the singer will likely not be back in the city any time soon.

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The house is surrounded by lush gardens and is also a gated community, which is a plus for the singer and her bandmates. Aside from that, many famous people have lived in the gated community, including Magic Johnson and Denzel Washington. The singer recently cancelled her Las Vegas residency due to pandemic issues, and a tearful video was released to announce the cancellation.

The rock singer’s Los Angeles house has been declared at high risk because of its location near an active fault. The California Geological Survey said the house is “in the middle of an active fault,” which can produce up to seven earthquakes per year. As a result, Adele’s home is at high-risk of landslides. Fortunately, the earthquake risk is extremely low, but the fire safety issues are still very dangerous, which is why it is important to keep a watchful eye on the area’s potential.

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