A Look at Some of Tom Cruise's Most Popular Films

actor/comedian/actor/writer/performer Tom cruise is an American comedic actor and singer who have estimated net worth of about $600 million. He has been married to Lisa Marie Presley for the last 14 years. Together they have two children.


In 1997, he became one of the first

Tom Cruise

male performers to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role (for A Few Good Men). This was his first year ever win and he went on to grossed another eleven Academy Awards including Best Actor in a Leading Role for The Firm and Casino. Most importantly, he also grossed four Academy Awards including Best Actor in a Leading Role for Collateral. These four Academy Awards propelled him into the realm of Hollywood’s elite, where he resides to this day.


Cruise’s career spanned four decades, which makes him one of the older performers in the acting business today. His first major role was in the film Rain Man, which was made in 1985. This was arguably his best film as he was able to garner critical acclaim as well as winning a number of awards including Best Actor in a Leading Role. Throughout his career, he also grossed millions worldwide with films such as Vanilla Sky, Farelly Brothers’ Shallow Hal, Jerry Maguire, and Samurai 3000.


However, it was the award-winning performance of Rain Man that catapulted him to stardom status. For this role, Tom Cruise did not just win an Academy Award for an actor, but he actually became the first person in history to win two Academy Awards for his work. He was also made an additional nominee for his contribution to the movie as its director. His two honors became part of the Guinness Book of World Records. Tom Cruise’s success was such that he was nominated for the Best Actor category for the same film again for his performance.


The next film in his career was Vanilla Sky, which was also directed by him. Despite the low box office returns, this film did manage to score a number one spot for Best Picture in the Best Picture category. It is also noteworthy that during the making of this film, he actually had to fly from one location in London to another location in London to do reshoots. Despite the inconvenience, he delivered the performance that was deserving of his Oscar nomination. In the end, his two films that came before it were both turned into blockbusters.

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His most successful film to date is the Mission Impossible series of movies, which he starred in along with Tom Hanks. The success of these films led to Mission Impossible II, a spin-off of the first film that followed the team of agents who were sent to explore the Bermuda island using a secret military plane. Tom Cruise returned for Mission Impossible III: The Tower, where he starred alongside Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. The third film in the series was eventually shelved, but the fourth one was eventually released in theaters, where it became another hit.


One of the most controversial films of Tom Cruise’s career was Rain Man. It was controversial not only because it was a very pricey movie (made as a franchise), but also because of the content of the movie. Although some of the movie contained strong language, it received a number of critical acclaim, winning eight Academy Awards, and a number of other awards including the Best Picture award. This was far more than many of his films had received, which was probably due to the controversial content.


There are many more films in the Tom Cruise franchise that have been successful at the box office, such as Vanilla Sky, and most recently, Collateral. If any of these films are producing a hit at the box office, then they can only lead to even more success in the future. Hopefully, we will see an endless string of successes for Tom Cruise and one day be able to say that he is one of the best actors and actresses of all time.

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