"CD" - A Very Good Movie

Denzel Washington is an American actor, singer, and director. He has most recently been described as an ensemble actor/singer who redefines the notion of a classic film drama, mostly connecting with roles defined by their unique grace, humanity, inner strength, and grace. He is known to have an acting prowess which bares extraordinary results when brought to the screen and is known to be versatile in his work.


The spiking eyebrows, flashy outfits, the endless self-deprecating humor, the heart-pounding dance moves, the best supporting roles, the screen-time action, the ability to switch from dramatic to humorous, and the many accolades that he has garnered have all come to him courtesy of a series of good movies. Some of his best roles have been the lead parts in movies such as Mystic River, Farelly Brothers’ Search for Sam, Edward Scissorhands, Crazy Heart, and of course the amazing Spiderman 3. Though not at the same level as some of his previous roles, Denzel Washington’s performance as the young African American Spidey in the last installment of this epic superhero franchise made him a star.

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Denzel is now an enormous movie actor in his own right, playing the lead role in the latest movies of the Marvel franchise. Unlike some of his previous incarnations, though, Denzel Washington’s career has been defined by a series of Academy Awards nominations and wins, as well as tribute films, a revolving cast of films, as well as numerous record-breaking sales of tickets. These may not mean much to him, but to a lot of people, the things that separate a superstar from the millions of other individuals who are simply enjoying their regular lives are the little things that make a difference. It is these little things that allow Denzel Washington to escape the shadow of his supermodel co-stars and turn into the most important person onscreen today.


Some of the most important roles in Hollywood, which define the very essence of who a star is, often go unrepresented by the actor himself. The average individual cannot go to the Oscars and claim that they have helped a actor to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in their Lifetime, let alone win one. This is largely due to the fact that Hollywood insiders prefer to hand out Academy Awards to actors and actresses who have done what is considered to be the best job in their particular field. There is no real objective way to measure how good an actor or actress is, other than the ratings that are distributed to the various outlets. But with Denzel Washington, every little thing he does on the silver screen is touted as a huge victory.


In the first “DARKEST ON THE STREET” part of his illustrious career, Denzel Washington was simply amazing. He had finally come into his own as a Leading Man, playing the part of a man who not only wants to win an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role, but who also is willing to do all it takes to win it. After all, in this role there are some things that just don’t count.


One of the most amazing aspects of this movie is that Denzel Washington manages to play a good man who is good at his job. In almost any movie where he is featured as a leading man, it is only to be expected that he would act pretty much every bit as well as he does in this film. But what makes this performance even more remarkable is that he also managed to stay true to his character, which many of us could not do. The most memorable scene in this movie is one in which he goes up to a gangster to ask for money… and he manages to get away with it. Denzel Washington has shown a level of strength and skill that few of his predecessors were able to match.

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One other great thing about “CD” (directed by Lee Daniels) is the way it deals with race. There is a minor subplot involving Denzel’s black friend who ends up getting killed during a gun battle between the two groups. This turns out to be a turning point in the movie as Denzel decides to take matters into his own hands, taking out the rival gangster with a barrage of well-placed body shots. This role may not have been in a position to land him the Best Actor award at the Oscars, but it certainly helped him become one of the best and most respected actors of our time.


In short, “CD” is a fantastic movie that shows Denzel Washington at his best. No matter how small the role may be, or how big a role he may have to play, Denzel always manages to give us a captivating performance. If you want to see the best performance of Denzel in a Hollywood film, I highly recommend you go see this one. It’s a definite must-see movie…