In “Destiny 2,” the Prophecy dungeon is a exquisite supply of uncommon guns and high-rolled armor, in addition to a schooling floor for the relaxation of the game’s full-fledged raids. This exercise is good for firefighting groups who need to enhance their coordination at the same time as searching out appropriate equipment. Prophecy is largely a raid-like action, consequently gamers can assume a few difficulties, specially in the event that they aren’t well prepared.

Here’s a step-with the aid of using-step manual to finishing the Prophecy dungeon in “Destiny 2.” Mechanic for the Main Dungeon The predominant mechanic of Prophecy is mild and darkish. To maintain via the dungeon, gamers need to vicinity mild and darkish motes of their respective wells.

Killing Taken Knights at the same time as status in darkish or mild areas will generate those motes. First Section: Phalanx Echo and Heaven/Hell The preliminary phase is straightforward: produce motes to open doors, then visit the boss area. To get to the boss location, that is a huge round platform with Light and Dark wells soaring above, soar up the rubble going towards the hole above the stop of the tunnel.

When a person touches Toland, the wisp of mild withinside the centre of the platform, the boss, Phalanx Echo, will spawn. To take away the barrier, extinguish the wells with mild and darkish motes. To damage the boss, use swords enchanted with the aid of using a Well of Radiance or a Ward of Dawn earlier than the barrier is raised again.

The Wasteland and the Cube (Second Section) Players need to get rid of Taken Blights strewn across the wasteland on this phase. Explore the Wasteland till you’ve killed 3 units of blights, then head to one of the systems on the map’s boundaries, in which Toland is looking ahead to the fireteam. The Cube, a puzzle room in which gamers need to all over again extinguish wells with motes, can be reached thru the building.

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Look for Toland with the aid of using searching on the plates at the partitions and ceiling, then extinguish the nicely simply under it. Place motes in any nicely if Toland is at the ceiling to spin the chamber in that direction. Face the room’s mini-bosses, which might be simply huge Phalanxes, after rotating the Cube sufficient times. Exit the room and go back to the Wasteland to search for the opposite huge shape at the map’s different side.