120 Chinese Astronaut Space Foods, Kung Pao Chicken

ChineseastronautShenzhou 12 will sample more than 120 dishes during his three-month stay in space orbit. They include shredded pork and black pepper beef.

On June 17, Chinese astronauts Nie Haisheng and Liu Boming arrived at Tianhe’s space station module. They can now access logistics aboard Tianzhou 2, a cargo spacecraft launched on May 29.

Tianzhou 2 sent 6.8 tons of food and beverage supplies. This included staple foods, beverages, and various juices, as well as soups. In addition to transporting coolers for fresh fruits and veggies, the spacecraft can also be seen in one photo where an astronaut is seen sipping from a small pouch in orbit. Wang Yaping, one of the Chinese astronauts displays food packages stored in the Tiangong 1 space laboratory module.

Huang Weifen (China’s chief astronaut trainer) said that food is typically solid and boneless, and is often cut into small pieces to suit the astronauts’ individual tastes.

This dish includes garlic sauce with black pepper beef, shredded pork, pickled cabbage, and kung pao chicken.

Huang said that the space station was equipped with microwave ovens and kitchens so that astronauts can heat food more efficiently than ever.” He spoke to Chinese state media CCTV, as quoted by Space, Saturday 26/6.

Huang said, “They can have hot foods whenever they want.”

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Times Now News reports that astronauts use Sichuan peppercorn and pork sauce to compensate for the temporary loss of taste in space.

China has seen more than 100 new dishes created for astronauts over the years. These dishes were created to help them complete their long-term mission.