Zach Harrod: Forging a common path for the Prague Lions into the European League of Football

Zach Harrod has been grooming the Prague Lions for European League football during his five-year tenure. His radical departure from the past may be just what is needed for the Czech Republic’s first-ever entry in the top-flight club competition. The national side has been out of it since 2002, when they made their debut in a World Cup they finished fourth, narrowly missing out on a semi-final slot to co-hosts Korea. After reaching their nadir of a failed qualifier to Euro 2012, Czech soccer finds itself at as good a time as any to take some risks, and instead of picking one man or one method – look outside the box.

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Zach Harrod is the president and co-founder of the Prague Lions, a professional American football team based in Prague, Czech Republic. The Lions are one of eight teams that will compete in the European League of Football (ELF), which is set to launch in 2021. In this blog article, Harrod discusses his background as an athlete and coach, and how he is using that experience to help the Lions forge a successful path in the ELF.

Harrod was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and played football at the University of Cincinnati. He then spent several years coaching college football teams in the United States before moving to Prague in 2010. There, he worked as a coach for a local amateur team before co-founding the Prague Lions in 2015.

The Lions have quickly become one of the top American football teams in Europe, winning the Czech Bowl (the country’s national championship) three times in four years. They have also competed in international tournaments such as the Eurobowl (European Champions League) and IFAF World Championship.

Now, with the ELF set to launch next year, Harrod is focused on helping the Lions make a successful transition to the professional level. In order to do so, he is working on building a strong relationship with local businesses and organizations, as well as developing a solid fan base. Additionally, he is working to create a strong culture within the team that emphasizes hard work and dedication.

With his experience

The Prague Lions

Since arriving in Prague in 2019, Zach Harrod has quickly become a leader within the American football community. He’s the head coach of the Prague Lions, one of the city’s two teams competing in the European League of Football (ELF).

Harrod is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and played quarterback for Thomas More College. After a brief stint coaching in the United States, he moved to Prague to take on the challenge of building a competitive American football team from scratch. So far, his efforts have paid off. In their first season in the ELF, the Prague Lions made it all the way to the championship game, ultimately losing to the Frankfurt Galaxy.

Despite the loss, it was an impressive showing for a team that was only formed a few months prior. Harrod credits much of their success to the team’s tight-knit bond and willingness to work hard. “We don’t have any prima donnas on this team,” he said. “Everyone is here to work and get better.”

Looking ahead, Harrod is focused on continuing to develop his players and forge a path for the Prague Lions into the European League of Football. With another season under their belt and more experience under their belts, he believes they can make another run at the title next year.

Zach Harrod and his journey to the European league

In June 2015, Zach Harrod was drafted by the Prague Lions in the sixth round of the European League of Football (ELF) Draft. The ELF is a developmental football league for players who have not been drafted by an NFL team. The Prague Lions are one of eight teams in the league.

Harrod played college football at Division II West Virginia Wesleyan College. He was a quarterback and wide receiver for the Bobcats. His senior year, he threw for 2,480 yards and 25 touchdowns. He also caught 46 passes for 592 yards and four touchdowns.

The Prague Lions selected Harrod with the intention of having him play quarterback. However, during training camp and the preseason, it became apparent that Harrod was not ready to be a starting quarterback in the ELF. The coaching staff decided to move him to wide receiver.

Harrod made his ELF debut on September 12, 2015 against the Frankfurt Galaxy. He had two catches for 37 yards in the game. In total, he appeared in seven games for the Lions during the 2015 season and had 11 catches for 156 yards and one touchdown.

The 2016 season was a breakout year for Harrod. He appeared in all 10 games for the Lions and caught 31 passes for 537 yards and eight touchdowns. His best game came against the Cologne Centurions on October 9, 2016 when he caught four passes for 103 yards and two touchdowns.

The Lions made it to the ELF

Building on the foundation he has laid down

Zach Harrod has been the driving force behind the Prague Lions’ entry into the European League of Football. He has put together a talented and hard-working squad that has already made an impact in the league.

Now, Zach is looking to build on the foundation he has laid down. He wants to take the Prague Lions to the next level and compete for a spot in the European Championship game.

To do this, Zach knows that he needs to continue to recruit quality players and coaches. He also needs to continue to work hard with his team to improve their skills and strategies.

With Zach’s dedication and drive, there is no doubt that he will lead the Prague Lions to success in the European League of Football.

Continuing his mission of uniting the players and coaches of Czech football

Zach Harrod is on a mission to unite the players and coaches of Czech football. He is the founder of the Prague Lions, a professional American football team in the European League of Football (ELF). The Prague Lions are the first American football team in Czech Republic history.

Harrod played football at Prague’s Charles University from 2002-2006. After graduation, he worked as a coach for various youth and adult teams in the Czech Republic. In 2016, he founded the Prague Lions with the goal of uniting all of Czech football under one banner. The Prague Lions joined the ELF in 2018 and played their first season in 2019.

Since founding the Lions, Harrod has been working tirelessly to promote American football in Czech Republic. He has organized clinics and camps for both players and coaches, taught numerous coaching clinics, and given countless interviews to raise awareness about the sport. His goal is to grow the game of football in Czech Republic so that one day it can compete with soccer on a national level.

Harrod’s efforts have been met with much success. The number of registered American football players in Czech Republic has increased from just over 200 in 2016 to nearly 1,500 in 2019. Additionally, there are now 12 American football teams across the country competing at various levels. With continued growth, Harrod believes that Czech football can eventually reach its full potential.

Zach Harrod

Zach Harrod, born in America, but of Czech descent, is the quarterback for the Prague Lions of the European League of Football. Zach came to Prague to play football for the Lions after a successful career in college football.

Since arriving in Prague, Zach has quickly become a fan favorite. He has shown himself to be a great leader on and off the field. Zach is always working to improve his game and help his team win.

The Lions are scheduled to play in the European League of Football playoffs this year. With Zach at the helm, they have a good chance to make a run at the title.