Your Android Phone Could Soon Get Snore and Cough Detection Abilities

Google is testing a new feature for Android devices that may help users monitor their sleep patterns. The only catch is that you have to be a Full Time Googler to be eligible to participate in the study. Once you’ve been accepted, your phone could soon get snore and cough detection abilities. In the meantime, it’s not too late to sign up for the study.

Google is testing a new sleep monitoring feature for Android devices

If you’re a Googler, you might be interested in a new study in which Google is developing algorithms to detect coughs and snores in the background. Google Health Studies is already an app that uses your Android device’s camera to measure your heart rate and monitor your breathing, but the new study could take this a step further. Google is also working on a way to detect coughs and snores in real time, which could be coming to an Android device soon.

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While this sounds like a great idea for millions of people with trouble sleeping, privacy concerns are bound to arise. Google’s track record on privacy concerns is questionable, particularly given the company’s massive size. The company already collects vast amounts of information on users during their waking hours – location data from Android phones, health records from Google Maps and other apps – so now it wants to know what you’re doing while you’re asleep.

You must be a Full Time Googler to participate in a study

To participate in a study, you must be a Full Time Googler. Google looks for smart, diverse individuals to add diversity and value to its teams. The company’s culture is one of inclusion and improving human life, but it’s also highly ethical. Google’s small, flexible teams foster creativity, and employees are expected to be committed to promoting inclusion. Here’s what to expect when applying.

Your Android phone could soon have snore and cough detection capabilities

A new update to Google Health Studies has snore and cough detection capabilities built into Android devices. Developed by Google employees, the new study uses audio recordings to monitor sleep and wellbeing. The study, called “Sleep Audio Collection,” is only open to Google employees with an Android phone. Participants must not work for another company, and they must be sleeping in the same room. The company is also testing “cough and snore detection algorithms” to add to the Android experience.

Google has been working on algorithms and sensing capabilities for snore and cough detection for several years. Now, it is working on developing a new feature for Android devices, which could help millions of users improve their sleep. However, the snore and cough detection features may be limited to Pixel devices at this time. It is expected to work in conjunction with other features of the Pixel, such as Google Fit and Google Clock.