Y Combinator's Letter to Founders, Apple's Folding Device, and the DOJ's New Stand on Hacking Cases

In this piece, we look at three recent stories: YC’s letter to portfolio founders, Apple’s folding device, and the DOJs new stance on hacking cases. The letter is worth reading for its ten key points. Here’s a breakdown of the most important news from the past seven days. TechCrunch rounds up the best stories from the week in one place.

Apples folding device

TechCrunch has summarized the top stories from the last seven days. Apples folding device and YC’s new stance on patents are two of the top stories. The memo from YC to its portfolio founders contains a ten-point list of things that should be avoided. Its important to read the memo in its entirety before making any decisions.

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DOJs new stance on hacking cases

After years of prosecuting hackers, the U.S. Department of Justice has taken a new stance on hacking cases, stating that good-faith security research should not be prosecuted. However, some hackers may still be prosecuted, particularly if they have not been attempting to cause harm. In response to the DOJs new stance, YC has sent a letter to founders informing them that their hacking cases may no longer be prosecuted.

YCs letter to founders

In its Weekly Review, TechCrunch sums up the most important stories from the past seven days. Among the most popular stories of the week were Y Combinators letter to portfolio founders. The 10-point memo is detailed and explained by Manish Joshi. The memo highlights two key issues: Apple’s folding device and the new DOJ stance on data privacy.