XFL And Under Armour Seal The Deal: Get Ready For A Multi-Year Partnership Like No Other

Football fans, rejoice! XFL and Under Armour have just announced an expansive multi-year partnership that is sure to revolutionize the sport. Not only will XFL now be wearing officially licensed Under Armour products on the field, but this move opens up a wide array of opportunities for both organizations in terms of marketing and visibility. Read on to learn more about this groundbreaking partnership and what it means for the future of football!

Introduction to the XFL and Under Armour Partnership

Welcome to the XFL and Under Armour Partnership. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Under Armour to be the exclusive outfitter of the XFL. This partnership is like no other and we cannot wait to get started.

Under Armour is a world-renowned leader in performance apparel, footwear and equipment. They have outfitted some of the world’s greatest athletes including Stephen Curry, Michael Phelps and Lindsey Vonn. We are proud to partner with a company that shares our commitment to innovation and excellence.

This partnership will provide our players with the highest quality gear to help them perform at their best. Under Armour’s cutting-edge technology will help keep our players safe and comfortable on the field. We are confident that this partnership will help us achieve our goal of becoming the premier football league in the world.

Benefits of The Deal for XFL and Under Armour

The XFL and Under Armour have entered into a multi-year partnership that is unlike any other in the history of sports. This unprecedented deal will provide Under Armour with exclusive rights to produce all on-field apparel, footwear, and equipment for the XFL. In addition, Under Armour will also be the official outfitter of the XFL officiating crew.

Under Armour will design and manufacture bespoke uniforms for all eight XFL teams, as well as on-field apparel for coaches and game officials. The cutting-edge designs will feature groundbreaking innovations and utilize the latest technologies to create a truly unique product. This deal represents a major coup for Under Armour, as they have beaten out several major sportswear brands to become the official outfitter of the XFL.

This partnership will provide a number of benefits for both parties involved. For the XFL, this deal will help to solidify their position as a major player in the world of professional football. The league has already secured long-term partnerships with ESPN and FOX Sports, and this deal with Under Armour further cements their place in the sports landscape. In addition, the XFL will benefit from having access to Under Armour’s state-of-the-art facilities and manufacturing process.

For Under Armour, this partnership is a chance to gain exposure to a whole new audience. The XFL provides an opportunity for the brand to reach fans who may not be familiar with their products.

How Will It Impact Football Fans?

Football fans can expect to see a lot more of Under Armour out on the field as the company becomes the official outfitter of the XFL. This means that all eight XFL teams will be wearing Under Armour gear, including their jerseys, during all games and practices. Fans can also expect to see a lot more Under Armour advertising during XFL broadcasts.

This partnership is a win for both the XFL and Under Armour. The XFL gets to partner with one of the most popular brands in sports, while Under Armour gets to extend its reach into another sport. This partnership is also a win for football fans, who will now have another reason to tune into the XFL.

The High-Quality Gear That Will be Available

The XFL and Under Armour have partnered up to provide some of the highest quality gear for all players and fans alike. This is a multi-year partnership that is unlike any other. Here is what you can expect from this incredible partnership:

High-quality Under Armour gear for all players: The XFL has teamed up with Under Armour to provide high-quality gear for all players. This includes items such as cleats, gloves, pads, helmets, and more. All of the gear will be made with the highest quality materials to ensure that it can withstand any level of play.

A wide variety of Under Armour gear for fans: In addition to providing gear for the players, the XFL and Under Armour partnership will also offer a wide variety of gear for fans. This includes items such as t-shirts, jerseys, hats, and more. No matter what your team’s allegiance is, you’ll be able to find something to show your support.

Under Armour’s cutting-edge technology: One of the reasons that the XFL chose to partner with Under Armour is because of its cutting-edge technology. This technology will help to improve player performance on the field and make the game safer for everyone involved. Some of the features that will be available include impact-sensing padding and enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.

With this partnership, both the XFL and Under Armour are committed to providing the best possible experience for all players and fans. Get ready for a season

Additional Events and Activations Around the Partnership

In addition to the traditional on-field partnership between the XFL and Under Armour, there are a variety of other events and activations that will take place as part of this new agreement. For example, Under Armour will be the presenting sponsor of the XFL Draft in 2020. This will be a multi-day event that will be televised live on ESPN and ESPN2. In addition, Under Armour will also have a significant presence at XFL home games, with branded signage and co-branded merchandise available for fans.

Under Armour will also have a major presence at the XFL Experience, an interactive fan festival that will travel to all eight XFL cities prior to the start of the season. At the XFL Experience, fans will be able to try on Under Armour gear, participate in football clinics hosted by XFL players and Legends, and get exclusive access to stadium tours and player meet-and-greets.

Finally, Under Armour and the XFL have also partnered with USA Football to launch the “Heads Up Football” program. This initiative is designed to promote safety in youth football through education and best practices for coaches, parents, and players.

Where Can You Find Out More About This Exciting New Deal?

Under Armour and the XFL have teamed up to create a partnership like no other. The two companies have come together to provide fans with the best possible experience when it comes to football. This new deal will allow Under Armour to be the official outfitter of the XFL, which means that they will provide all of the team’s uniforms, apparel, and gear. In addition to this, Under Armour will also be creating a line of co-branded merchandise that will be available for fans to purchase. This is an exciting new partnership that will offer fans a unique opportunity to support their favourite team while wearing the best gear available.


The XFL and Under Armour have teamed up to create a multi-year partnership that will revolutionize football uniforms. This alliance between the two giants will help the XFL achieve better brand recognition and fan engagement, plus introduce innovative designs that help players perform their best on the field. The pairing of these powerhouse brands sparks an exciting time for all players and fans of the sport, as they look ahead to what this collaboration can bring in terms of upgraded gear and style every season.