In a YouTube video that has been watched over four million times, an actress finds an undiscovered room beneath the bed of a hotel.

Since it was posted just four days ago shocking video purporting to show an unassuming room hidden beneath the floors in a building has gathered an impressive viewership of 4.6 million users on TikTok. The video is available to watch here, has more than 315,000 views and thousands of comments and has the TikTok community discussing what this frightening discovery actually means.

In her first video TikTok users Addison, often referred to as @addisoncassel in the app, makes use of the text-to-speech feature in order to explain the circumstances surrounding the discovery. In her video, she explains, “I was on my hotel bed when I spotted a cutout in the floor.”


The floor appears like a carpeted floor and an “cut” that runs through the floor. “My grandmother and I were able to open it,” she explained, adding it was “two layers were covering” the opening.

Two hands removed a wooden plank from an aperture which revealed a dark unfinished chamber underneath as per the video. “There’s a room under our room,” Addison explained in the video, adding the fact that “it’s a one-story motel,” suggesting that the find was not a typical hotel room.

Although it was only 15 seconds in length the video caused controversy in the comments. For instance, some viewers were not concerned about the revelation , and provided concrete explanations.

Some, on the other side, noted similarities between the situation and a number of terrifying films, such as that 2007 movie about horror Vacancy as well as other films.

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In a subsequent video, Addison addressed some of these theories. “It’s probably just a crawl area,” she stated, “but there were no pipes or electrical down there.” She added that this underground room stretched beyond the rooms, beyond their door, and all the way to the motel.

The singer also shared a clip which includes many more.