Pomagalski was slew on Tuesday morning in Uri canton, Switzerland, a representative from the French Ministry.

She was descending the Gemsstock foothill end to end through three other people at the time of the fortune, the representative additional.

Resident police in Uri canton in print an announcement settling the demise of two anonymous those in a fall Tuesday.

The motive for the fall is not recognized, supposed police, who referred a saving crew with a helicopter and two fall exploration dogs.



The two departed persons stayed “entirely hidden” by sno w. “For them, any assistance originated too late,” supposed police in the declaration.


Pomagalski was a teenager once she converted the world winner in snowboard cross in 1999, and gained the Snowboard World Cup in 2004.

She also signified France at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002 and Turin, Italy, in 2006.

Pomagalski was instinctive nearby Grenoble then was in the ski town of Meribel, someplace she ran a sports shop and a ski school, supposed the sports ministry representative.

She was the granddaughter of Jean Pomagalski, who usual active Poma, a producer of cable-driven lift organizations such as chairlifts and gondolas, the ministry representative added.

Pomagalski was slew along with Bruno Cutelli, a foothill leader, conferring to an announcement from the French Ski Federation published Wednesday, articulating its commiserations to the pair’s loved ones.

The French Olympic Committee (CNOSF) too spoken Pomagalski’s passing.

“The tragic disappearance of Julie, world winner snowboarder and Olympian, greenness the French Olympic team mourning one of its own,” it supposed in a tweet.

France’s sports minister Roxana Maracineanu also tweeted her commiserations Wednesday.

“Also, fledgling to authority, us,” wrote Maracineanu. “Her golden cohort port its mark on French snowboarding.”

A fall happens when a layer of snow downfalls and journeys effortless quickly.