Will Wade Get Notice of Allegations From NCAA?

LSU’s basketball program has been put under the microscope after a notice of allegations was issued by the NCAA. The report was based on multiple cases that have been public for several years. A 2017 wiretap conducted by the FBI caught coach Will Wade talking about making a “strong-ass offer” to a prospective recruit. The audio was published in a documentary by HBO and subsequently leaked to the media. Despite the sting, LSU reinstated Wade.

The NCAA’s Independent Accountability Review Process is supposed to handle complex cases like this, and the university has not yet acknowledged receiving it. While LSU did not acknowledge the letter, sources told Sports Illustrated that it had received it. The report says that the school has hired a “Complex Case Unit” to handle the case, which is part of the NCAA’s Independent Accountability Review Process.

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Will Wade get a Notice of Allegations From the NCAA? The LSU coach is a major figure in the college basketball world. The newest scandal involves the recruitment of athletes from the NBA. It’s believed that the NCAA’s investigation of college basketball is the first of its kind. Its findings are not limited to the allegations of sexual misconduct. Several other violations have been investigated in the past several years, but these are the most serious.