Will GTA 6 Still Be Funny?

If Rockstar confirms GTA 6 is in development, this is great news. The game will feature multiple continents, cryptocurrency, and characters we’ve already heard of in-game. But will it still be funny? Here’s a look at what we can expect. Hopefully, you’ll find some new things funny about GTA 6.

Rockstar confirms GTA 6 is in development

After many years of speculation, Rockstar has finally confirmed that the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development. While a specific release date hasn’t been set, Rockstar has confirmed that the game is “very much in development”. According to the company, GTA 6 will be its most ambitious title yet. Rockstar also confirmed that the game will take place in a timed era, meaning that there will be flashbacks between missions and the new version will have dialogues with strangers.

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Rumours about GTA 6 development have led many to speculate that Rockstar is having trouble making the game. The company’s former co-founder, Dan Houser, resigned last year amid speculations of troubled times. However, the resignation came at a time when Rockstar had promised more details about the game, including when the title would be released. While the situation isn’t exactly clear, Rockstar has been hiring over 200 people to fill positions for the game.

It will feature multiple continents

According to Michael Pachter, GTA 6 will have multiple continents. The game could be set in the USA, Europe, or both. The maps are likely to be massive, with missions spanning all continents. While we don’t know what locations will be featured, we do know that there will be hundreds of hours of gameplay in GTA 6.

Originally, GTA 6 was codenamed “Project Americas.” It was meant to be set on both the American continents, which could make it the largest open world game ever. The protagonists would have been able to build an empire of drugs, similar to the ones in GTA Vice City Stories. The game was never released, so we can’t tell for sure. We can only speculate, but let’s hope the developers don’t disappoint us.

It will feature cryptocurrency

One of the rumours that have been circulating for some time is that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature cryptocurrency. It could be in the form of a working stock market and brokerages, or in the form of cryptocurrency that players can earn by completing high-stakes missions. The rumor comes from Tom Henderson, a well-known leaker of gaming information. Henderson tweeted that he had heard that cryptocurrency would be an important part of the game. There’s no official confirmation on this, but it certainly makes sense.

Rumors have been circulating that GTA 6 will feature cryptocurrency as an in-game monetary system. While the specifics are still vague, the idea seems to be to make the game more realistic to real-world currency. If the concept of cryptocurrency is indeed in the game, it could be in the form of tokens that players can trade for established cryptocurrencies. However, Rockstar has not officially commented on the matter, so it’s difficult to make a definitive statement.

It will feature characters we already heard of in-game

We’ve been hearing rumors about GTA 6 for months, and now it seems like a female protagonist is in the works for the game. However, Rockstar has been very quiet about its development. A renowned games journalist, Jason Schreier, confirmed that a Latina female protagonist will feature in the game. According to Schreier, the game’s female protagonist is similar to Bonnie and Clyde.

Another theory stating that GTA VI will feature a female protagonist is based on a former employee’s comments. The alleged employee claimed to know the protagonists of GTA VI, including Marcus Burke, Walther Wallace, and Thomas Branigan. This theory is very likely to be true, as a former Rockstar employee has been proven right several times before. So, who is the main character in GTA 6?