Who is Ben Azelart's Girlfriend?


Ben Azelart recently broke up with his girlfriend Lexi Rivera. Although the two never publicly confirmed they were dating, they broke up on a mutual understanding. Some fans were upset with the news of the breakup, while others argued that the relationship was just a ploy to gain more fame and views. Regardless of the reasons for the breakup, Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera remain good friends.

Hannah Thomas

Ben Azelart and Hannah Thomas are currently dating. Both have been active on social media and often post photos. They’ve also been spotted at various events together. They’ve also shared videos together on Tiktok. Hannah is also featured in some of Ben Azelart’s videos.

The couple has been dating for a long time but has not revealed too much about their relationship. In the photos, they look like they’re very happy together. However, Ben Azelart has been linked to other beautiful women in the past. Prior to Hannah, he was linked to Lexi Rivera.

Ben Azelart is a YouTube star who has over 10.8 million subscribers. He has also worked with brands such as AMP World and starred in movies like Brobot. Hannah Thomas, meanwhile, appears to be an Instagram model. While it’s difficult to confirm a relationship, it is possible for both men to have a serious relationship.

Hannah Thomas and Ben Azelart have been spotted out together in many different places. In the past, they’ve been to Paris, Greece, Italy, and Hawai’i. In addition, they’ve been spotted cliff-jumping together.

The two were previously dating but have recently split up, although they didn’t officially announce their relationship. The reason why the two broke up is unknown. The two are still close friends. They don’t share much information about their relationship, but fans may be curious to know the truth about their relationship.

Hannah Thomas and Ben Azelart are in a relationship, but the two haven’t mentioned their relationship status on social media. They were first linked in December 2018, and their relationship was over a month later. In November of 2020, the two announced their breakup.

Ben Azelart has two brothers. He is an accomplished photographer and videographer and has worked with many famous social media stars. His younger brother is also in a relationship with fellow Instagram star Hannah Thomas. He is currently studying at a university in Hawaii. The two siblings also share the same interests.

Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera has been romantically linked with a number of men over the years. Her most serious relationship was with YouTuber Ben Azelart. The two met when they were around 15 and appeared on each other’s videos. They were also spotted kissing in December 2020.

The couple’s relationship lasted for three years before the two decided to end their relationship. They were still close friends but it is possible that their breakup was over a disagreement. Azelart’s decision to end the relationship sparked a number of rumors. One of them was that Ben and Lexi were in a relationship purely for clout and more views.

Despite their separation, Lexi was supportive of Ben’s new relationship. In a video, she described the stages of their relationship. It was clear that they could not keep up the pretense anymore. The breakup was mutual. But, it was still a breakup nonetheless.

Although Ben and Lexi started dating in late 2018, their relationship ended in 2020. The couple had chemistry on the internet and filmed numerous videos together. They have an active social media presence on the Internet, and their fans seem to approve of their relationship. While their relationship was reportedly short-lived, it is clear that both partners are happy with their relationships and are happy.

Although the two splits, the former couple hinted at a future reunion. The model’s mother also rated Azelart. She gave him a rating of 9.5 over ten. Despite the rumors surrounding her relationship with Azelart, Rivera has said it was the wrong time for the relationship.

Ben Azelart has dated several women. His relationship with Lexi Rivera began in 2018, and their relationship was revealed in the recording. The two dated during high school. They even went on vacation to Greece and Hawaii together. However, in 2020, Ben Azelart decided to take a break from Lexi Rivera and announced he would be single.

Ben Azelart is a famous internet-based professional. He has a good-looking appearance and is popular with female Millennials. He is a popular internet personality and has many relationships. However, he is currently single. If you’re interested in learning more about Ben Azelart and his personal life, then be sure to check out his website!

Lexi Hensler

Lexi Hensler, a YouTube star and social media influencer, has been linked to Ben Azelart. The two are not officially dating, but they have posted intimate photos on Instagram. Aside from Ben Azelart, Lexi Hensler has dated Christian Wilson, a social media star.

Lexi and Ben met through Brent Hensler, and the two started dating late last year. Their chemistry was undeniable. Both of them made videos together, and fans loved the chemistry they displayed. In the end, the couple broke up in 2020, but they still remained friends.

As a social media star, Lexi is a popular name on YouTube. She has worked for various brands and also runs her own social media accounts to promote their products. Her favorite pastime is photography, and she likes to travel to Greece. She also has a dog named Benji. Azelart and Hensler are both pursuing their careers and pursuing their dreams.

Lexi Hensler is a famous Instagram model who has gained fame thanks to her viral videos on the site. She has more than six hundred thousand followers on Instagram, where she shares pictures of herself modeling various outfits. She is an avid fan of James Charles, another popular Instagram star. Lexi also likes to post prank videos and interact with fans on social media.

Ben Azelart and Lexi Hensler have a lot in common. The two were friends before they began dating and collaborated on various projects. But, their relationship was never more than friends, and it was unclear whether they were dating or just friends.

Since Hensler’s debut on the public scene, there have been many rumors about her dating life. However, she recently silenced the rumors when she posted a video on 10th April 2019 stating that she is single and not dating anyone. She also denied rumors of a secret boyfriend.

Lexi Hensler was born on 5 December 1997 in Los Angeles. She was raised by Christian parents. She has a brother named Julian, who became a social media sensation. She has not revealed much about her family. She has a social media following of over ten thousand people.

Ben Azelart and Lexi Hensler met each other in 2018 and became friends. Later, they became romantically involved. During that time, they worked together in Ben Azelart’s video shorts. Azelart’s height is 5 feet 12 inches and his weight is 73 kilograms. He has blonde hair and hazel blue eyes.

Ben Azelart’s interest in skateboarding began in childhood. He began practicing at the age of nine. Since then, he has participated in several skateboarding competitions. He also won 1st prize in a Keolu Classic Skate Contest.

Ben Azelart is a young man from Texas. He has a YouTube channel and is active on social media. He has over 5.3 million followers on Instagram. He is also active on TikTok.