What is R/Detrans?

r/detrans is an online community for detransitioners. However, it is not a place to preach religion or promote cross-sex hormones or surgery. However, it is a good place to discuss controversial topics with others who share your experiences. The community is also a great place to discuss transitioning questions and concerns.

r/detrans is a subreddit for detransitioners

/r/detrans is a subreddint of Reddit dedicated to detransitioners. The subreddit has almost 30,000 subscribers and serves as a single point of contact for detransitioners. Alex/Lexi, the head moderator, also runs a detrans Discord for peer-to-peer support.

The subreddit contains a place where detransitioners can talk about all kinds of topics related to gender detransition. They can ask questions, post memes, and find inspiration. There’s also a forum for venting.

There is a lot of confusion about what detransition means. While many people think of detransition as “not identifying as transgender”, there’s actually a very different definition of it. Ultimately, detransition means stopping the practice of being transgender, but it doesn’t mean that a person has to stop being trans.

It is not a place for pushing religion on people

R/detrans is a place for people in the trans community to discuss their experiences. This is not the place to promote a particular religion or push it on people. Instead, the goal of the group is to share positive transformation photos and support each other as they navigate the waters of detransition. While the group does not have a specific religion, it does encourage diverse thought and belief. However, there is always the possibility of bad faith debates, which is not allowed in this space.

It is not a place to promote cross-sex hormones or surgery

Cross-sex hormones and surgery are not allowed on the R/detrans subreddit, and neither are links to them. While these products are available in the marketplace, R/detrans is a space to share detransition-related experiences.

It is not a place for GCs

You’ve probably heard about the recent ban on the detrans subreddit r/detrans. Initially, the subreddit was just a place to talk about detransition, but since then, it has turned out to be a place for transphobia, as well.

It is not a place for GCs to push religion on people

The main difference between detrans and trans spaces is that the detrans space attempts to provide diversity in thought and belief. However, a detrans space must be careful not to push religion on people. It must keep in mind that there are many different types of beliefs in the world.