measure distance. The intensity of the returning pulse is used to determine the height, or elevation, of the object.

Yup, you read that correctly: what looks like a school science project is actually the latest in cutting-edge technology and the newest level of scanning inventory.

What is Spinning?


There are many things that can be popping up on top of a UPS truck, but one of the most common things is a spinning sign. This is a sign that is placed on top of the truck and it spins around. The reason that this type of sign is so popular is because it is very effective at getting attention. When people see something spinning on top of a truck, they are more likely to look at it and take notice. This type of sign can be used to advertise anything from a new product to a special sale.

Why is it on top of truck?

The answer to this question may seem obvious, but it’s worth exploring nonetheless. The most likely reason that something is popping up on top of a UPS truck is because it was placed there by the driver or another employee. This could be for any number of reasons, including wanting to keep an eye on the load, making sure it doesn’t fall off, or needing to access it quickly. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that UPS takes care to ensure that its loads are secure and accounted for.

What is Spinning?

Popping up on top of a UPS truck is most likely a spinning object called a Lidar. Lidar is an acronym for “light detection and ranging.” It is a surveying method that uses laser light pulses to measure distance. The intensity of the returning pulse is used to determine the height, or elevation, of the object.

Why is it on top of a UPS truck?

A recent trend that has been popping up (pun intended) is the placement of large plastic balls on top of UPS trucks. While the sight may be perplexing at first, there is a reason for this new decoration.

The balls are actually called “dock levelers” and they serve an important purpose. They help to level out the truck when it is backed into a loading dock, making it easier to transfer packages from the truck to the dock.

While some may see this as a strange new trend, it is actually a practical solution to a common problem. So next time you see a UPS truck with a big plastic ball on top, you’ll know why it’s there!



UPS trucks are equipped with a device called a “liftgate.” This is a hydraulic platform that lowers packages from the truck bed to the ground, making it possible for one person to load and unload packages by themselves. The liftgate is what allows UPS drivers to make those speedy deliveries you’ve come to expect.