What is Dark Matter?

What is the evidence for dark matter in our galaxy? There are several theories, many based on evidence from research missions that explore space daily. One such mission is the European Space Agency’s orbiting X-ray telescope. NASA has a radio astronomy program known as the Very Large Radio Telescope (VLTR) that also searches for this elusive material. Many people feel there is sufficient evidence to suggest there is a large amount of dark matter in our galaxy.


Some scientists claim that our entire solar system is populated with this unseen material. The evidence for this is the fact that the planets in our solar system have atmospheres similar to those of other solar system planets. The problem is that these alien planets were not designed to hold water, with their temperatures too hot to hold water. Astronomers claim that the reason is that our solar system is so old, and because of the pressure of solar radiation, these alien planets were pulled out of their solar systems at too great a distance to have kept water within their atmospheres. This is what is the evidence for dark matter.


If you put two pieces of paper side by side and one had a dark spot on it, you could tell that the other piece is not real. Now if you had two mirrors, one with a black spot on it and one without a black spot on it, you could tell that the mirrors were lying together. Because of the speed of the spinning of the mirrors you could tell that the two mirrors were truly positioned in opposite directions. These techniques are only a way to estimate what is dark matter, and the results will probably be inconclusive.

There is another possibility, though, and it is much more exciting than what is dark matter. Have you heard about gamma rays? Gamma rays are high energy light, but they travel very fast. Because they are so fast, they can escape detection through most ordinary telescopes. But there is a gamma ray telescope currently in operation in New Zealand and it is said to have a very high energy output; therefore, it can escape detection.


Now here is what is dark energy. The highest energy output that can be produced by objects that are very near to each other is what is dark. That is what makes stars so bright, and it is what is causing space to move. If space is moving, it is pulling on objects, and that is what produces what is dark matter. So if space is pulling on an object, it must have something, and that something is dark. In the case of the big bang, all that stuff was leftover from the formation of the universe.


Now, back to what is dark matter in our galaxy. Some scientists think that it is a combination of dark matter and dark energy. If this is true, then there is a lot of free energy in our galaxy, and that is what is dark matter. It is also possible that it is made up of neutral gas, which is much like what is called “oxygen”.


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Either way, what is dark matter in our galaxy is an interesting subject, and it is likely to remain one of great interest. There are many theories out there, and there are some who claim that there is absolutely no way that it could be made up. However, there is plenty of what is dark matter in our galaxy to choose from, and if someone can find some of it, they will have proved something important. Some think that they have proof that shows that it is definitely there, while others just feel that it is something that they need to research more.


One thing is certain though, and that is that no matter what is dark matter in our galaxy, it is something that scientists are studying every day. Whether there is actually evidence to support the theory of what is dark matter, or whether it is nothing but gas that we cannot see, it is still something worth looking into. After all, without it, our universe would be very different, and there would be no way that we could travel through space.