There are many things that might trigger you but nothing triggers you more than paying more price for airport parking than what you paid for the flight. 

If you have been parking at the airport for a long time then you must have noticed that the price of almost every airport parking has increased a lot in the last few years. Well, this doesn’t look surprising when you know the fact that airport parking contributes 41% to the overall revenue of many airports. But then, the increasing prices of airport parking it’s taking a toll on the traveler’s pocket. 

From booking fees to bag fees, there are many expenses that need to be taken care of but the increasing prices of the airport parking can always sour the complete traveling experience. It’s true that airport parking is managed by the airport, not by the airlines but still, the increasing prices are a matter of concern. 

If airport parking has been burning a hole in your pocket and if you are no more ready to park at the airport facility and choose private Denver airport long-term parking then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss what has contributed to the increase in the price of airport parking.

Increasing cost and maintenance

Although travelers don’t agree with this statement put forth by airport facilities, most airport facilities argue that the maintenance and the increasing cost are the two major contributors to the increase in the parking facility prices. 

This is true that the money required to maintain a car facility is increasing with time but you can’t deny the fact that the overall cost of maintaining a dead concrete bunker can never be a major part of the overall expense of any airport facility. 

Also, airport facilities generate a lot of revenue from the airport parking facility and that money should always be enough to maintain even a world-class airport facility but none of the airports are ready to accept this fact. 

Increasing competition

According to the airport facilities, the competitive force is driving the prices of airport parking and there is nothing they can do about it. The statement given by airport facilities is that the cost of parking at an airport will be directly proportional to the cost of parking at an airport nearby. 

This means that even if the maintenance cost is low, an airport facility located nearby with high parking prices can influence the price of another airport facility. Well, if you don’t believe in this argument put forth by airport facilities then you should always choose Denver airport long-term parking that even provides shuttle services.

Another fact that you must note here is JFK is not in the top ten list of airports when it comes to parking but this is because the JFK airport facility has the most reliable and cost-effective public transport link to New York. 

Real estate price

Airports occupy a lot of space and in most cases, the land occupied by airports is within the proximity of major cities. Both the size of a piece of land and the proximity can increase the total price of any land. At the same time, most of the space that is used by the airport is dead in terms of revenue generation like roads, taxiways, and even grass verges. 

But just because they are dead in terms of revenue generation doesn’t mean that they are inexpensive to build. And the burden of these expenses is usually borne by both the passengers and the airport facility. There are many charges that are inbuilt in the tickets of the travelers and the high Denver airport short term parking charges are also a part of covering up the expenses. 

Heathrow made almost 42.2% of its revenue just from airport parking and you thought that airport parking is just a small part of the overall airport operation. 

Distance from the terminal

Another factor that plays a key role in how much you have to pay for Denver airport short term parking is the distance from the terminal. If you are planning on not compromising on convenience then there are maximum chances that you will park at a parking facility undercover located at a two-minute walking distance from the terminal. 

If you are into this kind of parking then you should never complain about the high prices and never blame the airport facilities for increasing the price otherwise, you can easily choose a nearby airport parking facility, get a shuttle service and avoid worrying about safety issues as well. 

The increasing prices of airport parking are becoming one of the biggest expenses of any traveler and if you wish to avoid it, all that you need to do is to choose a nearby private airport parking facility with a shuttle service.