YouTube banned Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul for a comment he made about wearing masks.

YouTube decided to decide what the public hears because masks have become an inexplicable polarizing topic. YouTube removed Paul’s comments about not wearing masks last week. Paul recorded a video which provided a scientific basis to his views. YouTube decided to ban the video.

Paul responded, “As libertarian-leaning senator I believe private companies have to be able to ban me if necessary.” It is anti-free speech and anti-progress in science. This involves skepticism, argumentation to find the truth. In our court systems, both sides must present facts and then engage in adversarial processes to find the truth. Journalism is not far from this. In some ways, the adversarial portion of the courtroom is ideal for journalism. Both sides present facts and there is argumentation. Then, people decide the truth. YouTube and Google have grown to be so large that they believe they can decide the truth.

YouTube is a private corporation. YouTube is a private company. However, the First Amendment doesn’t require it to respect First Amendment rights. It borders on totalitarianism when a huge conglomerate can effectively eliminate senators’ opinions and justify its actions with misinformation.

Paul stated last week that he was not certain when YouTube became an arms of the government. He also said that it wasn’t good for journalism to be an arm the government without any repercussions.

This type of thing seems to only happen to Republicans or conservatives. Rep. Cori, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and then-Sen. Kamala Houston repeated the inflaming lie that Michael Brown was killed by police. There was no censorship or reprisals from the tech giants.

Paul made the argument that masks were ineffective against COVID-19 spread. These studies are a clear fact. Some studies have shown that masks can be effective in stopping spread of the disease. But, this would not change that multiple scientists and researchers published peer-reviewed studies proving that masks are ineffective. Is it not fair for the public to be able to see the scientific evidence if we are to “trust the science”?

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In a totalitarian techno state, the dangerous slope that liberals and Democrats created with their assertions that “trust science” has been realized. Liberals have used science to get results that are only in line with their political agenda, even though they often reject scientific truth. They will discard any science that is contrary to their beliefs. Paul was caught advocating disfavored scientific facts.

But, the bigger fear is that if YouTube can do such a thing to a senator how can it do it against regular citizens?