Viviori Jewellery

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Viviori Review

Viviori Jewelry is a beautiful jewelry line made with talented artisans in Italy. The pieces are delicate and fit for any formal or informal occasion.

The Viviori Jewelry Collection features intricate necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings adorned with semi-precious stones, including turquoise, amethyst, and ruby.

Every piece is handmade in Italy using high-quality materials, so you can be sure that every Viviori piece is unique and one of a kind.

Whether you’re looking for something special to wear at your next wedding or an elegant addition to your personal collection, the Viviori Jewelry Collection is perfect for you. Head over to the Viviori website today and take a look for yourself!

Viviori Jewellery

The Viviori Jewellery company is a Canadian-based company, with a focus on creating unique and stylish pieces of jewellery. According to the Viviori website, the company was founded by two sisters in 2006, with the goal of creating pieces that are both fashionable and meaningful.

The Viviori jewellery line currently includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and anklets. The pieces are made from sterling silver or gold – usually with a variety of stones and metals – and are designed to be versatile and timeless.

One of the main features that sets the Viviori jewellery apart from other brands is its focus on environmentalism. According to the company website, all Viviori pieces are made from recycled or sustainable materials. In addition, all profits earned by Viviori go towards supporting environmental causes such as animals rights and biodiversity preservation.

Overall, the Viviori jewellery is unique and stylish – perfect for any occasion. If you’re looking for thoughtful and beautiful jewellery that will last long – look no further than the Viviori line!

Styles & Sizes

Styles and sizes can be a bit daunting when browsing through Viviori Jewelry, but it’s important to remember that the company offers a wide range of options to fit any personality. Some of the most popular styles and sizes include 18K gold link necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

One thing to note is that Viviori jewelry is made to order, so it may take up to four weeks for your order to arrive. This gives you plenty of time to pick out the perfect piece of jewelry for yourself!

Buying Advice

When you are looking for jewelry to buy, do your research! This is especially important if you are spending a significant amount of money on a piece.

There are a few things you can do before you go shopping:

– Visit a store and look through their selection. This way, you will be able to see what the different pieces look like and get an idea of what styles appeal to you.

– Sign up for a jewlery newsletter or social media account that specializes in selling jewelry. This will give you access to fashion tips, sale alerts, and other deals.

– Check out reviews of different jewelry stores online. This can help you compare prices and quality while also learning about any potential issues with the store or specific pieces.

Viviori Jewelry Overview
Viviori Jewellery

With Viviori, you get the best of both worlds: unique and high-quality jewelry. You can find a wide variety of rings, earrings, and bracelets, each with its own distinctive features and design.

On the one hand, Viviori offers a vast array of options for customization. You can choose which metal your jewelry is made from, what type of stone the diamond is set in, and even how color is applied to different metals. This ensures that each piece you purchase is exactly what you desire it to be.

Likewise, the quality of Viviori products is undeniable. Every piece of jewelry arrives as described and always in brand-new condition. Plus, every product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – no questions asked.

If you’re looking for unique jewelry that will last forever, then Viviori is definitely worth your consideration.


Viviori Jewelry Review

One of the many things to love about Viviori is their unique jewelry designs. Viviori designs stand out from other brands because they are colorful, and some pieces have intricate details. Some customers have compared Viviori jewelry to that of Tiffany and Cartier, but I believe there are several distinctions between the brands which make Viviori a better option for some people.

First of all, Tiffany and Cartier typically charge significantly more for their jewelry than Viviori does. For example, a sterling silver necklace from Viviori can cost as little as $49 USD while a Tiffany necklace can cost well over $1,000 USD . Additionally, Tiffany’s pieces tend to be much chunkier than those of Viviori. Lastly, while both Tiffany and Cartier offer a wide range of color choices, Viviori’s options are often more vibrant. For example, in the sterling silver collection there is a necklace in black gold with purple jewels, a pink sapphire and diamond pendant with white diamonds, and a popular coral pink citrinepiece.