Ethereum co-founder  and millionaire vitaklik buterin has issued a stern warning to the whole meme con sub-specialty and it appears he’s targeting shiba and you in particular if you’re a shiba and you bearer  and this bothers you more than anything else however his criticism has prompted a huge counter hack from shiba and umaine creator satoshi kusama so what did vitalik buterin so what did vitalik buterin say what was chito ishii’s answer to to the criticism and how his ship planned to survive in the future all these questions  will be addressed in the video  we also have wonderful price boosting news for shibuyu so be sure stay around to the end find out when the whole crypto market  fell in may 2021 owing to a series of crackdown on crypto mining  many individuals regarded upon she

iba and you as a useless token in reality a majority of people anticipated the ship would fade away and that is simply a meme currency that cannot survive the test of time but in the latest crypto market resurgence that began in august should price has been on recovery and its presently Experiencing tremendous rise now one of those persons who have been negative about the future of shiba and you is none other than ethereum co-founder  vitaklik buterin  in fact when chip founder awarded him half of shipped circulating supply we taran wasn’t delighted with the action he observed that it would have been prudent for the chip inventors to have contanted him beforehand and he went ahead to burn 90% of the token on the premise that he didn’t wantb to be a hub of power of that type he started that it would be preferable to merely put the cash into the hands of a worthwhile organization directly now knowing that chip is community driven it may be that the dev team wanted ship to be linked with vitaklik buterin  in his doge is associated with elon musk but buterin marely turned them down and even though he opted to burn the tokens.

It didn’t affect chip badly instead a large burn cost shipped to eliminate almost half its circulate supply allowing it to search immediately in what looks to be an assault against the ship token and the whole shiba  and you community vitaklik buterin  is ringing a warning to stockholders accdoring to a disclosure by shiba new head developer satoshi kusama  vitaklik buterin  in his thinking shiba you is a bitcoin that cannot survive the test of time and that it’ll be no more in a decade’s time while exposing  bitcoin’s critique via his twetter account satoshi kusama  explained stating just to  make it clear the earlier claim was that chip won’t be there in 10 years and that’s false period i suppose if he has read our roof paper you would see that vision but I may mistake either way we’ll be here now the critique provoked a lots of response whithin the shiba  new community with many individuals rebuking the remark so how did satoshi kusama respond to the criticism.

Well let’s look at the reply from the primary developer to see whether what vitaklik buterin  claimed has any reality in it well when satoshi kusama was questiond about pewter and  statement for carity you made a telegram post indicating we’ve never talked to vb and he’s regrettably mistaken but he probably never read our roof paper other community members started up conflivts with vitaklik buterin blaming him for the attacks one of them gossips tweeted a tweet stating I can’t comprehend what’s behind the statement but I’m sure satoshi kusama has cause for it right now on discord mr vinylic burterin what’s your problem ship army is community driven took in several other ship army member leapad in to protect chiba new it’s one of the currencies with a thriving ecosystem and a defined plan for future survival so how is shib equipped to thrive in future.

Let’s look at what is in the shiba and ubuf paper to grasp shiba and u’s vision and how the currency is prepared to endure the test of time well satoshi kusama has been ambiguous  abouty the situation of Shiba and you today and in future  he has done various media pieces popularizing shiba ems’s idea as envisioned by Shiba new pseudonymous creator rayoshi in fact he’s the same individual that introduced a shibani new face to update shiba a new 2.0 in the same vision which is beautifully written in the shiba a new fast paper is what revealed her beliefs vitaklik buterin is not rat ideally staoshi feels if buterin would be informed of the substance of shiba in roof paper wouldn’t have made such statement regarding shiba inu well the first thing that’s evident when we look a shiba quick paper is that shibanyu is community driven and what it means in that it’ll exist as a completely decentralized system that does’t have any influence from an individual government or even an office and that is precisely we’re experiencing now.

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