Virgin Galactic will transport passengers to space

Daily Reuters has learned that although the commercial license we have held since 2016 is still valid, we are now authorized for passengers to fly as part of market activities.

He said, “Dala Us is exciting, it’s a milestone and an enormous compliment to the team,”

Virgin Galactic was previously licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration to launch spaceflight. This license extension allows Virgin Galactic to fly into space with their participants, as their regulator calls them.

Virgin Galactic shares rise 0.1%

It is worth noting that Beth Moses (Victor Galactic’s head astronaut coach) is the only nonpilot to have flown into space. Five Virgin Galactic employees have been recognized by the FAA as astronauts. This is because the US officially considers 80 km as the limit of space.

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Richard Branson, a British billionaire, is the creator and owner of Virgin Galactic.