Victoria Beckham Says Being ‘Really Skinny’ Is ‘Old-Fashioned’ Women Now Want ‘Boobs and a Butt’

After 25 years of teasing us about her svelte figure, Victoria Beckham has finally spoken out. She claims that being really skinny is outdated and “old-fashioned.” Instead of slacking off on her diet, the model is now focusing on squats. Read on to discover why being really skinny is outdated and why being curvy is in.

Being really skinny is an old-fashioned ideal for many people, especially women. Beckham, a former Spice Girl and current fashion designer, has made it a point to adopt healthier eating habits. Her VB Body clothing line is now available in UK sizes six to 18 – a far cry from her 23-inch waist! She believes that curvy women are more appealing as role models to her daughter, Harper.

Having an ideal body weight is important, but being really skinny is old-fashioned. Victoria Beckham believes that modern beauty standards have changed. Being curvy is now considered cool, and embracing curves has never been cooler. The model grew up in South Florida, where the fat-eating pandemic spread. She reflected on the change in figure ideals and became an advocate for women’s health and happiness.

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Being curvy is liberating and fashionable, according to Victoria Beckham. She recently co-owns a football team, Inter Miami CF, and has a lot of time on her hands. She reportedly finds Miami’s party culture liberating and is a great place for curvy women to feel free and confident. So what’s holding you back?